San Francisco Lich King Launch Gets Ugly

Kotaku writes: "The Powell Street GameStop started its World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King launch party at 8 pm sharp - but many fans lined up outside the store as early as 6 am. "I'm not a nerd," said one chair-sitting fan. "Really - I just came here to laugh at people."

There were plenty of people to laugh at - some 500 people came and went from the site of the party between 8 pm and 11 pm. Strangely, less than 10 were in costume.

Party festivities included face painting, ice sculptures spouting chilled Rockstar, raffles and... the big one... a dance competition where contestants had to freestyle one of the six race dances based on routines from movies like Saturday Night Fever and Napoleon Dynamite."

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DaddyDC6503631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Instead of waiting hours in line, why not visit your local 7-11? There's a 7-11 a block away from my house and I got to pick the game up at midnight for 34.99! No lines, no hassle!

xhairs93631d ago

Probably because....there isn't a 7-11 in every city?!?!?! OMGZZSSS NOOOOOOOOOO.

The only cool thing was the ice sculpture + rockstar.

DaddyDC6503631d ago

the folks that waited in line in San Francisco. There's 7-11's everywhere in the Bay Area.....

xhairs93631d ago

while that may be true for san fran they did this all over the US it wasnt the only place.

xhairs93630d ago


silvacrest3631d ago

"I'm not a nerd," said one chair-sitting fan. "Really - I just came here to laugh at people."

lolz, just admit it and people wont give your grief

moe843631d ago

Ugh, the costumes! Just as bad as a Star Wars or Star Trek convention. Hell I'm sure Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings events are just as bad, if not far far worse.

Could have at least taken pictures of more attractive people. *shrug* I guess you can't be too choosy.

moe843631d ago

What's with the two "Orcs" in the picture above? Their armor is more like something you would see on Alliance. Not Horde. The lions on the front support my thoughts. You would probably see more of a skull design on Horde, or maybe a shield made of hides. Orcs were shamanistic after all... Especially if you look at their towns, and capitol Orgrimmar. It doesn't look like Orc smiths have the aesthetic aptitude to create armor of such high quality, lustrous design. And by that, I mean plastic!