Videogamer: Professor Layton Review

Videogamer writes: "'What's that game?' my better half asked, staring wide-eyed at the television. I turned, expecting to see Girls Aloud's Nadine and Kimberley seductively 'awwing' over Nintendogs, or Ronan Keating looking uncomfortable playing Brain Training, or the Redknapp family, complete with hilariously bemused Harry, playing Mario Kart Wii, or perhaps even Captain Picard flirting with Julie Walters as he demonstrates his mental prowess on a plane. It was neither.

It was, to my surprise, an advert with an impossibly attractive and successful couple sitting on a couch in their impossibly trendy apartment living room, probably somewhere in Clapham, who are trying to separate a bunch of pigs with only three lines in Japanese developer Level-5's Professor Layton and the Curious Village. "That looks good," she said. 'Can you bring that home?'"

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bym051d3623d ago

Wait, isn't this game almost a year old? I really enjoyed this game, when I beat it... in the spring.

PS360WII3623d ago

Yeah it was just released in EU on the 7th

Amazing game though and a must play if you ask me :)

Leathersoup3623d ago

I can't wait until they review Gorf!