Videogamer: Shaun White Snowboarding Review

Videogamer writes: "Snowboarding used to be all the rage in video games. Cool Boarders on the original PlayStation and 1080 on the N64 were both must own titles for their respective platforms, and later SSX proved that people couldn't get enough of insane jumps and ridiculous tricks. Then, along came Amped to show that a sim approach could work and the third game in the series made for a solid Xbox 360 launch title. Now a good few years into this console generation, with developers getting to grips with the power at their disposal, a snowboarding game should offer the very best kind of extreme sports entertainment. Ubisoft Montreal's Shaun White tries hard but in the end falls foul of a few rather unfortunate design decisions.

Although Shaun White's Snowboarding attempts to offer something in the way of a story, the game's really about you boarding down four massive mountains (Alaska, Park City Utah, Europe and Japan), taking part in events, collecting items for Shaun and playing with friends. Instead of giving you events in traditional video game fashion, this is more or less the GTA of the snowboarding genre, with each mountain free to explore, and events accessed by boarding up to them. With plenty of events to tackle, and coins to collect that unlock new moves, the set-up is great. Soon enough, though, things start to get rather frustrating."

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Liquid Dust3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Was hoping for the next snowboarding revolution, will just have to stick to SSX 3 I guess, and im perfectly ok with that for now. Maybe ill give Shaun White a rent after I read a few more reviews

Motion3687d ago

"Then, along came Amped to show that a sim approach could work and the third game in the series made for a solid Xbox 360 launch title."

Amped 3 was one of the worst snowboarding games ever made. (Though amped 1 and 2 were great) As soon as I read this it was apparent that this review wasn't worth much. I still have high hopes for this game, guess time will tell as more reviews come out and we get a chance to play it.

InMyOpinion3687d ago

Transworld Snowboarding is still my favourite snowboard game.

3687d ago
Motion3687d ago

yeah, i love skate too, and i'm still hoping this will be similar to that in realism.

RAF-TECH3687d ago

1080 is the best snowboarding game ever

runner up: Cool Boarders 3

felidae3687d ago

looks like Shaun White talked trash when he said it's the best extreme sports game ever :-)

back to EA's skate

Killjoy30003687d ago

It'd be sweet if the Skate team branched out to snowboarding. What's their team name again? I think it's either EA Redwood or EA Blackbox.

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