Play Review - Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Play-mag: "It's so marvellously refreshing to play such a no nonsense game like Midnight Club. It's just racing. Hard, fast, sexy racing. In fact, it has many parallels to the act – or in our case, art – of lovemaking. It's ragged, breathless and as long as you come first, you just don't care how beaten up you get. There are plenty of rear-ending gags there, but we won't stoop to that level. In addition to making us think about sex, it also makes you think. Not just about what's around the corner in an "ouch, this is too fast for my brain" kind of fashion, but about just how good racers can get, and how good the last one you played was. We'll leave that particular metaphor for your imagination, though.

Midnight Club is a brilliant racing game, of that there's no question, but is this as far as the genre can go? Sure, it has a great many wonderful additions, but set against the pure quality of the actual racing, they pale into insignificance. We're going to stick our necks out here and say this is the best arcade racer you're going to see for a long, long time."

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