Play Review: Mirror's Edge

Play-mag: "About halfway through Mirror's Edge you will vow never to play the game again. In short, EA's first-person actioner can be absolutely bloody infuriating. It also rewards perseverance with some of the most thrilling cinematic chases and rooftop acrobatics in recent memory. In fact, the game provokes such contrasting emotions that you'll love it one minute and loathe it the next.

The first thing you'll notice about Mirror's Edge is a pleasingly clean design style across all of it – menus, cut-scenes and the game itself, which is powered by Epic's Unreal Tournament III engine. EA's Swedish subsidiary, Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment has settled on a first-person perspective, steering clear of the usual shooter-based action to put you in the ergonomic sneakers of Faith – a courier, or 'runner', whose job it is to traverse her urban environment with an arsenal of athletic moves borrowed from the emerging street sport of parkour."

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