Play Review: Quantum of Solace

Play-mag: "If you thought you had to spend 300-odd quid on a 60GB unit off eBay in order to play a PS2 game on your PS3 then think again – Quantum Of Solace lets you do just that. "What's the catch?" you say? There is no catch. It comes on a Blu-ray disc and will cost you as much as a PS3 game.

If you're a company that makes games and you discover you've blown one multiformat title's entire budget on a movie licence and the high-profile voice cast that comes with it, then you can't afford to be wasting time and resources trying to cram a PS3 game onto a PS2 disc. You're much better off just knocking out a mediocre PS2 game then porting that to PS3 where it will run effortlessly. That, it would appear, is how Quantum Of Solace was made.

It's not the first time we've seen this happen – it was commonplace during the early days of the PS3, as it always is with any new console – but it is the first time we've seen it in quite a while. It's a practice we find hard to excuse over 18 months after the PS3 first hit UK shelves. But on a more positive note, if you've been hankering for another Bond game just like GoldenEye for the last 11 years then Quantum Of Solace might be just what you've been waiting for. At least it looks more like it belongs on the N64 than on the PS3."

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Fishy Fingers3657d ago

I get the impression they weren't overly impressed.