Play Review - WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009

Play-mag: "Such is the WWE's dominance in pro-wrestling, it's perhaps inevitable that complacency would creep in. On the broadcast shows, it's now a rare treat to see the stars grapple in the way Bret Hart used to on a twice-weekly basis, rarer still for the pay-per-view action to live up to the wild hype preceding it. So the SmackDown Vs Raw series has at least always offered today's wrestling fans the chance to see their muscle-bound heroes twist, counter and slam with some degree of regularity, and consequently it's won a loyal following. But, like the show itself, dominance has made way for complacency.

The 2009 instalment is yet another improvement, but only a slight one. The game engine simply hasn't developed as quickly or as intelligently as we would have liked. It feels a tad quicker and looser this year, sure, but the constant thumb waggling makes for a frequently tedious experience. It's far from the high-octane, dizzying experience it should be, with the screen too often full of wrestlers walking about patiently waiting for their next significant animation to be triggered."

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