Screen Play Review - Guitar Hero: World Tour

Screen Play: "With MTV's Rock Band also finally now available in Australia (although seemingly keeping a low profile at the embarrassment of being a full year late and released after our American cousins are already enjoying the sequel) it's great that the long-awaited battle of the bands has finally commenced.

Anyone who has played Guitar Hero will know how much fun it can be rocking along to classic tunes, but playing alongside friends in a full band adds immeasurably to the experience.

Vocals and drums also nicely counter the suggestions from some critics that games like Guitar Hero are pointless timewasters and players should pick up a real instrument instead, although after a week of play I'm now more certain than ever that I'm never going to put Charlie Watts out of a job.

Getting the most out of World Tour obviously requires a significant investment and plenty of lounge room space, but in my experience buyers should be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the instruments."

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