9 PlayStation games in most wanted list of the Japanese

This week are 9 games of the top 15 releasing on a PlayStation console or handheld. Also this week Final Fantasy XIII is still number 1, White Knight Chronicles is now on number 10 and Street Fighter IV dissapeared out of the top 15 . For the full list click on read more.

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HighDefinition3682d ago

If you didn`t think this was gonna happen, your nuts.

Cwalat3682d ago

Not only did i knew this was gonna happen but i just gotta say this:

If anybody actually believed that MS was big in Japan, then wow... IQ level not so high...
PPL care about FF13 going multiplat when they forget the important details...

1. It's not multiplat in Japan, PS3 exclusive... meaning -4 million copies of the 360 version....

2. The 360 version will come out later giving PS3 version all the sales time it needs...

3. If you haven't noticed... majority of 360 gamers (89%)
buys Gears 2 and Halo 3 related games only... in other words... shooter freaks... PS3 owners are basically, PS2 and PS1 owners... Meaning they basically were born with FF and other RPGs... Meaning, PS3 owners are not onesighted like 360 owners intend to be...

4. The 360 version will be ported. Will come with 9 DVD's... PPL are getting fed by that, we are in nextgen aren't we?

Foxgod3682d ago

I only agree half with you.

Westerners are not geared towards shooters, they are geared towards western products, just like the japanese favor japanese games.

Now what does the 360 provide the most ?
Yes western products, this includes shooters, but also:

Mass effect
Star Wars
Dues EX
Elder Scrolls

Those sell much better in the west then in the east, and none of them are shooter.

Bnet3433682d ago

Cwalat, start posting in the Open Zone. All you do is stereotype. First it was US gamers being "gun freaks" now it's Xbox 360 gamers being shooter freaks. Most of the top PS3 games involve guns. Not only that but your post above isn't even GamerZone quality. No one said Microsoft was big in Japan. The sheer fact that the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 in Japan for almost a month is what's ridiculous since it was people saying "Xbox 360 is dead in Japan" So then that just made PS3 look bad. No one thought Xbox 360 would ever outsell PS3 in Japan. Then it happened, then people questioned it would only be for one week. The it happened for several weeks, etc. All it did was make PS3 look bad for a month. Xbox 360 will not be a huge force in Japan. We know that.

gaffyh3682d ago

@Cwalat - where did you pick the random 89% from? But your points are valid (but over exaggerated)

@Foxgod - when did Deus Ex come out for 360?

Cwalat3682d ago


sure enough...
i do stereotype western culture..

since it's the truth... majority.. not all.. but the majority of gamers in western society play shooter... be it in 360 or PS3...
majority play shooters...

i'm sorry for typically doing like the rest and aiming towards the 360 owners... but the truth is. atleast from my experience... those who choose to buy 360 are buying it for games like gears 2 and halo 3, if i'd tell them about mass effect they'd be like... "huh?"
and those who buy PS3 are more grounded gamers.. that know alot about gaming... they know that mass effect is on 360 and shooters like gears and halo 3 are exclusive to 360... but they still choose to go for PS3.. since they (atleast the ones i know) are buying games like Folklore etc...

Cwalat3682d ago

[email protected]

it usually comes up when im asking friends about their purchase...
"why do you play on 360? "

"dude gears is on it" or "i love halo man"

i cant think of any of my friends ever answered,
"mass effect"

so thats how i came up with the number... of about 20 of my friends maybe 2 said: "fable 2" and "orange box"


usually when i ask my friends that have PS3,
they also say shooter names, but on top of that they say things like:

"MGS4, FF13, FF13 Versus, White Knight Chronicles, Folklore"

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Silogon3682d ago

And they might all sell 1 million collectivly. No one buys Ps3 games... ps3 owners are cheap ass's. Either they're cheap or utterly unaware of the products the Ps3 has available.

Sony needs to advertise more. Take your pick.

Fishy Fingers3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Attach rate after 22 month on market:
360 > 6.6
Wii > 5.5
PS3 > 5.3

Stop talking rubbish please. I can also give you legitimate reasoning for why you'd expect the 360 to be above the PS3 if you'd like and they wont be "PS3 owners are cheap ass's" either.

Captain_Sony3682d ago

People constantly bash the Wii for poor software sales.. He has a valid point and to prove him wrong you show proof he is right...It's selling less than the Wii and wouldnt even have that high of an attach rate if not for counting demo's as full games and giving away games in the process.

Fishy Fingers3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Whaaa? It has an attach rate of 1 less than the 360, the console that's meant to sell huge amounts of software. That's a 17% difference, hardly a lot. So by your logic NO consoles sell games?

Also, here's a few reasons I could use to explain that:

Majority of the 22 months the 360 had no competition,
Multiplats for the first year sucked on the PS3 (majority of them) so a multiple console owner would probably opt for the 360 version,

I don't know what you'd call a good attach rate but it's obviously completely different from me, I believe the greatest attach rate was the SNES or PS2 which fell around 8.5-9, so all the current gen consoles have managed over half that in just 22 months, far less than half the time SNES or PS2 were on the market. Appears to me, this gen is shifting more software across the board than any before it.

The point I was trying to make to Silogon was that every console is selling a good amount of software and the days of people being able to claim.... "Zomg! "X" console doesnt sell any gamez" are over, becuase in reality, they are.

Nineball21123682d ago

Those are good, valid points.

ultimolu3682d ago

...And Fishy delivered the death blow to the argument.

Sarcasm3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Wow, Fishy just "pwned" Silogon and anybody who disagrees. Going to disagree. And was thinking about disagreeing.

That's the power of the Fishy Fingers.

Foxgod3682d ago

Howabout this fishy, the Japanese most wanted list has about 10 ps3 games in it, still the attach rate is lower then the 360.

So much for having an argument about attach rates.

SL1M DADDY3682d ago

You served up some truth to the fanboys.

Bubbles to you.

ultimolu3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

"Howabout this fishy, the Japanese most wanted list has about 10 ps3 games in it, still the attach rate is lower then the 360.

So much for having an argument about attach rates."

How about you get over your superiority complex and realize that the attachments rates are ALL GOOD?

Oh wow....5.3. I suppose that means the PS3 is going out the door right?

You will spin anything you get your hands on. -__-

Foxgod3682d ago

nope, it means that even thought people brag abotu this wanted list, 360 still scores higher sales.

that is because the global market is more important then the japanese one.
If you ccare so much for the Japanese market, then move to Japan, otherwise youre out of place if your trying to defend this list.

ultimolu3682d ago

Who's defending the list?

I said the attachment rates are good for all three-based on what Fishy posted. (And Fishy gets a bubble because he makes the most sense around here)

This is a list of what Japanese people are looking forward to. Most of them are on the PS3.

Are you so upset about the list or something? You need to calm down?

ud3682d ago

Good logic, we don't see that too often on this site these days :p

SL1M DADDY3682d ago

Ah yes, but Foxgod, in order to secure your place in the global market, you need to first become successful in all markets including Japan. That is something that Microsoft has struggled to do for two console generations thus far.

ChickeyCantor3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )


"It has an attach rate of 1 less than the 360, the console that's meant to sell huge amounts of software. That's a 17% difference, "

Do realize that PS3 is also the "console" that's meant to sell huge amounts of software.
Let's not forget Ps3 is close to 360 sales. Period.

Not to bash the PS3 i have one my self, but To say that 360 is the one that is suppose to sell allot, then i see no reason why the Ps3 should not?
Ps3 is still having the lowest attach rate, your "research" shows that. And to pretend that in comparison to the 360 it's actually " allot", I disagree.
Because the PS3 has sold enough consoles too, to actually create an high attach rate, and it is not happening.

Again I'm not bashing the Ps3 I OWN ONE.

GrandTheftZamboni3682d ago

Is there such a thing? Because there are other entertainment media in addition to games, that a console owner might purchase. For example, because I use PS3 as a Blu-ray player too, I bought several BDs. Yeah, they are half price of the games, but they certainly brought some money to the publisher and Sony.

Anyone ever seen such stats?

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Foxgod3682d ago

I want to add that overall japanese sales are only a small catch compared to the global market, which is the real fat fish.

So the japanese most wanted list isn't really that meaningful to look at, its the worldwide sales that matter.
And it has been proofed numerous times that multi's sell better on the 360, globally.

And the record for best sold exclusive also belongs to the 360.

Fishy Fingers3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

"And the record for best sold exclusive also belongs to the 360."

2 minutes with google:

Wii Sports (30.87 million)
Wii Play (16.15 million)
Mario Kart Wii (9.53 million)
Wii Fit (8.76 million)

Halo 3 (8.1 million)

EDIT: Nothing in your post implies you were talking first week only. Your simply trying to spin the context because you've been proved wrong.

Foxgod3682d ago

i think you pretty much knew i wasnt talking about total sales, but first week sales.

and if you count in wii games i am not gonna take you very serious.

ultimolu3682d ago

Here we go with the SPIN!

Aclay3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

@ Foxgod,

You do know that the Final Fantasy games have almost always sold more in Japan right?

Final Fantasy XIII will sell more on the Playstation 3, period. ANY JRPG will sell more if it's on the PS3. Multiplatform games do tend to sell more on the 360 (obviously), but JRPG's on the 360 struggle to reach a million, even with it's larger installbase.

Final Fantasy XIII more than likely will sell over 3 million units just in Japan alone for the PS3, and of course it will skyrocket PS3 sales.

"So the japanese most wanted list isn't really that meaningful to look at, its the worldwide sales that matter. "

LOL, the only reason why you said that is because there's only ONE freakin Xbox 360 game on the list. The Japanese most wanted list is very important. The Japanese market may not seem that important now, but whenever FFXIII does come out and White Knightyou'll see the Japanese market start to wake up.

CloudsEnd3682d ago

Foxgod, you just can call a Game the best sold exclusive when its the best sold game in:
Europe, America AND Japan.
Halo 3 failed in Japan as hard as you at the moment.

Diamondwolf3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Or does it seem like everytime Fox types anything, he manages to make himself look worse and worse?

Dawg, give it up. I'm not anti-360 by any means, I love my system, but to call a market that YOUR system is trying outladishly hard to crack "a small catch" ignoring the fact that they are included in the "global market count" as one of the 3 MAJOR markets really make you look like a spindoctor.

You might as well address NPD as meaningless because it's just 1 of the 3 majors, or single out Europe and disclose them as 1 fry out of the super size meal.

I have a serious question? Why are you trying so hard? Does the success of the 360 mean that much to you that you put your blinders on ignoring the real world where you get nothing out of all your hard earned PR?

If the 360 is so successful (which I agree it is successful) then why are you trying so hard to prove that it is?

And........just to set the record straight, the only reason I'm singling you out amongst all of the other "SDF members" that are coming after you is because everyone else isn't spreading FUD claiming it to be "proofed"

All 3 systems is doing well and the fact that you aren't "taking the wii sales seriously" lets me know that you are a blind fanboy who are subject to the rest of the sheep who want to ignore the truth and spread lies, and cannot accept a loss in any situation even though the Wii is monkey-stomping YOUR system and the system you hate so much.

Wake up, Take the blue pill and get out of the Matrix son. The real world is a much better place when you are enjoying your hobby instead of trying to make it un-enjoyable for others.

/end discussion

SL1M DADDY3682d ago

Nope, it's not just you. I think we all have the same thought on that one.

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xBot Lemmings3682d ago



P3682d ago

Ps3 crushes the 360 yet AGAIN?!?!?!!


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