PS3 controller adds touchpad interaction

Sony is introducing a new accessory for the PS3 controller. Soon, gamers will be able to snap on a wireless keypad that supports typing on the Playstation 3, including texting in the new Home environment and games like LittleBigPlanet.

In addition to the QWERTY keyboard, there are a couple of shortcut buttons – a Message Box button and a Communication button. But what's most interesting from a interaction standpoint is the new Touch Pad feature.

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Bob Dole3656d ago

Pointless if you have a usb/blutooth keyboard. But whateva.

monfa3656d ago

Obviously if you have a keyboard that you are happy with this is pointless but I personally will be getting this because I rather not sit on the couch with a bulky keyboard.

SL1M DADDY3656d ago

Agreed. I did not buy the Logitech 90 dollar huge keyboard that would look super gaudy next to my sofa but this one will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. I like how small it is and being Sony, it will beat out that other small keypad that was put out by MadCatz.

Milky Joe3656d ago

Nice one Dole, thank god there are geniuses like you about to guide us morons... xD

Anyway, I will be getting this little piece of kit although the lack of 'F' buttons means I won't be able to use it for my MGO macros. Nevermind...

Daver3656d ago


im having a wireless keyboard for my ps3 but i prefer this keypad, its gonna be great

uie4rhig3656d ago

but.. ive always wondered how they would manage the touchpad part .. with all those buttons there, i wonder if it even will be easy to use .. guess ill have to find out..

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UnwanteDreamz3656d ago

I'm confused is the touchpad feature gonna be like the touchpad on a laptop but covering the entire keypad? Neither one of you mention this feature, which is what the story is about.

Raoh3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

"The Touch Pad button allows PS3 users to use the entire surface of the keypad as a touch pad, allowing them to easily maneuver the pointer while web browsing, simply by sliding their finger on the keypad surface."

pressing buttons will work like a normal keyboard. gliding your fingers will work like a mouse.

at least that's what i got from it.

_____________________________ _________________

i would have said pointless too. but lately with the flash 9 push i've been using the browser more often. redeem codes etc

it sucks to have to get up and grab the keyboard to do some typing...

this can be kept nearby..

with games like white knight story and other MMO's coming out i could see this becoming more useful as well...

Panthers3656d ago

Im pretty sure WKC is not an MMO, it just has online Co-Op play.

INehalemEXI3656d ago

Yah, the co op plays like an MMO but its not a Massive Persistant World.

Panthers3656d ago

I hate that it is above the controller. It needs to be where your thumbs are.

3656d ago
Karum3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

It really doesn't NEED to be where your thumbs are.

I've never understood this logic, I have the madcatz keypad which is positioned the same way and it is perfectly fine where it is.

Having it on the bottom on the PS3 controlller would be more of an inconvenience imo.

lokiroo4203656d ago

You are very wrong, it needs to be by the power supply, unless you like two usb cables on one controller.

Karum3656d ago

Why would it need to be beside the power supply?

You're not another one of these people that think it's going to plug into that mini usb slot are you?

When they announced this device they said it would be compatible with other portable bluetooth enabled devices that have keyboard functionality such as a smart phone.

It's a bluetooth device that will charge via it's own USB cable and operate off it's own internal power source, there's no inherent need for it to be beside a power supply except for when you need to rehcrage it.

ud3656d ago

Does it affect the L1/R1/L2/R2 buttons? are they harder to reach or anything?

Karum3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

The Madcatz version? No not at all in my experience.

Here's a couple of shots I just took of mine.

I think the Sony one looks like it fits the controller a lot better, I don't really like the madcatz one but it idn't top heavy, doesn't interfere with the controller and does a job.

ud3656d ago

I only saw the pics from the front so I wasn't sure how it was placed. Bubbles for the info ;)

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Capt CHAOS3656d ago

The keypad should be below the controller like on the 360, that'd work without getting in your way.

Kush_Reaper3656d ago

First comment and its a negative attitude. Why comment if you know you aint gone buy one huh? geez, do people think before they speak.


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