Sony Admits More PS3/PSP Marketing is Necessary

Ray Maguire, head Sony Computer Entertainment UK, recently stated that Sony needs to work harder on advertising the gaming capabilities on both the PS3 and PSP. According to him, Sony focused its marketing after launch date on the functionality of the PS3. Because it offered so many outstanding features such as a built in Blu-ray Drive, standard hard drive, and the cell processor, Sony chose to publicize those features rather than its (at the time) relatively weak game lineup.

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HighDefinition3682d ago

Thank you.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

gaffyh3682d ago

How hard can it be to advertise the console and it's games??

Make a commercial (like the ones they already have), pay the TV channels to broadcast them at peak view times...

Silogon3682d ago

Sony needs to can Infamous and take the left over resources and drop about 3 million into Resistance, 4 million into Motorstorm and the rest into LBP cause all 3 of them tanked at the registers.

Bob Dole3682d ago

Bob Dole is glad nobody listens to you.

Aclay3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Why the heck does Sony need to can Infamous Silogon? That makes no sense at all. Infamous has already been in development for a pretty long while and Sony just isn't going to pull the plug on the game after pouring millions into development. Plus, Infamous is being developed by Sucker Punch, and they always make quality games.

I'm looking forward to Infamous and I think it will be great for the PS3 to have it's on Exclusive Sand-box game.

I think that Sony advertised Resistance 2 pretty well because I've already seen R2 commercials plenty of times. I saw 2 R2 commercials just last night alone and I've seen R2 commercials about every other day since the game released.

I've seen a couple of Motorstorm Pacific Rift commercials and I think it was enough advertisement to get the word out about the game. The first Motorstorm game sold over 3 million, so it's not like PS3 owners that bought the first game don't know about the second one, and the same thing goes for R2 because millions of people bought the first and already know about R2.

I do think that LBP should have been advertised much more because I only saw like 1 or 2 LBP commercials and that's it. Sony was banking on LBP to be a big hit and they should have advertised more.

I also saw 2 PSP commercials last night, and I've seen a Mirrors Edge PS3 commercial. You guys may not be seeing many commercials with Sony advertising, but I see plenty of them. It may just depend on where you live, what time you watch T.V., or what channel you are watching.

Last year around this time Sony was advertising the heck out of the PS3 in commercials with Saliva's song "Ladies and Gentlemen" playing in the background and I think that they should be doing the same this year as well.

ultimolu3682d ago

...I agree with some of your statements but now you're just getting ridiculous.

I'm sure Sony can run their own business without you trying to run it for them.

Capt CHAOS3682d ago

"PSP.. It's not just for piracy."

How does that grab you?

Raoh3682d ago

they need

1. a new marketing team or put some pressure on them.

2. some younger/newer executives. the sony board sees things from a board room view and not from the fresh outlook everyone else is looking at.

the old "build it and they will come" mentality doesn't work anymore.

Surfman3682d ago

The sales could have been 2x more with MGS4 and LBP if Sony would have do marketing like MS and Nintendo do.

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The story is too old to be commented.