WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Reviewed @ Gameplayer

Gameplayer has gone live with one of the most comprehensive reviews of all time for one of the most anticipated expansions ever, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. It includes screenshots and videos taken from the game as well as a detailed analysis of all the added content.

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SlappingOysters3683d ago

Reviews do not get any more thorough than that. Videos are cool!

kwicksandz3683d ago

Got a 22$ off voucher at game so ima pick it up there!

-GametimeUK-3683d ago

I have this and its GOTY!
Sure im not that far into it but I already know wow's lasting appeal... Sorry but the artwork is amazing the sound is beautiful and the quests are pure fun... The instance I done (nexus) was very well laid out... New DK class delivers from what I have seen and theres just a bunch of stuff to see... Also Mayor Quimby is in this game (a slight referance to the simpsons lol)... All in all ITS AWESOME!


WhittO3683d ago

it cant be GOTY lol, its an expansion pack to a game that is already like GOTY (at the time)

TheForgotten0ne3683d ago

Why come out with an review so early?

You have no idea on the End Game stuff, most of the new you haven't tried. You might have been in the BETA, but thats just the BETA. And the game has now been out for 1 day...

predakanga3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Sure it's only been out for a day, but they're reviewers - as soon as the game comes out, they play it solidly for that day, so that they can give people a proper review as soon as they can.
Even if they haven't gotten to the end-game yet (I'm still reading, there's a hell of a lot there), it's probably better to post an initial impressions review so that all the early adopters can decide whether it *is* worth it.

Also, if they were in the beta as you said, then they *would* have seen the end-game stuff. As a veteran beta tester (of applications and OSes as well as games), I can safely say that no company would tack on extra stuff (be it features, gameplay or simply story) post-beta. It'd be unprofessional and just asking for trouble.

SlappingOysters3683d ago

Somewhere in the fourms the guys talks about putting some ridiculous 120hrs into it. Maybe they've had access to it for a while?

Crazy wow addicts

Gun_Senshi3683d ago

Its wow everyone knows except who is addict to it that the review do not really relfect that game.

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