Discovery of Second Life sex leads to divorce

A stark warning to virtual philanderers everywhere!

Second Life - be careful who you (virtually) cuddle...

A British woman is filing for divorce after discovering her husband has been virtually philandering in Second Life.

28-year-old Amy Taylor cited unreasonable behaviour in the petition for divorce, claiming that she had walked in on her husband having sex with another woman.

On the computer. In a game.

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DNAgent3448d ago

"I went mad - I was so hurt. I just couldn't believe what he'd done," Amy said, of finding her feckless hubby having pretend sex in a game with a stranger."

lol, pretend sex.

Perjoss3448d ago

i wonder how many teenagers will search teh interweb for a free trial of 2nd life after reading this :D

ThanatosDMC3447d ago

Did you? HAHAHAHAHHA... dont understand why she would divorce him over something virtual with no feeling.

Unless of course he's getting off with it.

UnwanteDreamz3447d ago

My wife laughs when I pick up hookers in GTA4. She only seems bothered when I kill them and take my money back. She says it isn't fair.

She's weird

xhairs93447d ago

Yeah but in GTA4 that's an NPC you bang, not another real person behind another screen.

This happened to my brother but he didn't care it was basically his excuse to break up with his fiance. muahahahaha

barom3447d ago

My favorite part was

"Amy has now met a new man. In World Of Warcraft."

RememberThe3573447d ago

Honestly, how tore back must she have been for him to have to have virtual sex. And that line about WoW was classic irony. People are pure comedy.

B Man3447d ago

The wife for filing for divorce over virtual sex or the husband for actually committing virtual sex..... both are retarded.

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SmokedOut3448d ago

Imagine how hes gonna feel when she tells everyone why they split up.

ChampIDC3448d ago

Heh, more like imagine how stupid she'll look when she tells people.

UnwanteDreamz3447d ago

She found a new love in World of Warcraft.

MGRogue20173448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Watching something going up and down on the screen is not the same as actually feeling it..

Unless your Jacking off while watching that animation...

But Hey! Whatever floats your boat, I suppose... lol

moe843448d ago

I guess it's better to divorce now, than wait until her soon to be ex-husband, runs off to Zimbabwe to find out the "she" is actually a he.

Mukiwa3447d ago

Woo I'm from Zimbabwe!

coolfool3448d ago

she was waiting for an excuse to leave him anyway. And this is it!

Scotracer3448d ago

Just what I was thinking

cwir3448d ago

I was about to write EXACT same comment :)

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