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Submitted by Jpinter 2570d ago | video

Exclusive: 2 Days to Vegas gameplay footage

Continuing with PSU's exclusive 2 Days to Vegas coverage, PSU has managed to nab two all-new gameplay videos on the upcoming action-shooter for your viewing pleasure. What you are about to see is still a work in progress, though it still provides an early insight into the shooting mechanics and various car chase sequences throughout the game. (2 Days 2 Vegas, 2 Days to Vegas, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Silogon  +   2570d ago
Ass of the highest order... No AA, stutter and stop gameplay, washed out, not to mention flat, bland, textures... What went wrong from Target render to game?

This looks no better than Getaway did.
Sarcasm  +   2570d ago
Wow, the first thing that popped in my head seeing this gameplay is "Generic."

Sure it can be polished up later... But It doesn't look too hopeful.
Gothdom  +   2570d ago
wasn't this game cancelled? If so, it should've stayed that way.
SlyGuy  +   2570d ago
8 Days anyone?
Elimin8  +   2570d ago
This game looks and play like ish...

@ Hellsvacancy early build or not this game has been in production for a while now. There should have been a much better demonstration...
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Hellsvacancy  +   2570d ago
Siligon did u READ wot it said
"What you are about to see is still a work in progress, though it still provides an early insight into the shooting mechanics and various car chase sequences throughout the game.

According to Steel Monkeys' Tim Dvoskin, elements such as physics and animations will be polished further as development continues.

"Textures we will deal with as well, but to the lesser extent, as we feature 3 major cities and highways, and there is a limit to the amount of art resource we can throw at it"

Ill pass though theres nothin in this game which hasnt been done b4 its just another Gta, Saints row Scarface game

Although i am hopefull
Jpinter  +   2570d ago
This is a early look at the game. It still has another year to go. Also this isn't a done up trailer or post-processed footage. The guys at Steel Monkeys recorded this straight from a running PC demo for PSU. So this is like prealpha...
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2570d ago
I almost lost all faith when I saw the player of the game not using any cover lol...
2Negativecool  +   2570d ago
Is this a DS game?

Ha ha ha, I keed, I keed...but seriously this game is turning out to be made with suck and fail.
TheIneffableBob  +   2570d ago
Counter-Strike gun sounds. D:
P  +   2570d ago
That honestly looked very very very bad
running rampid  +   2570d ago
the first word that popped into my mind after seeing that is meh.
ultimolu  +   2570d ago
Lol, you guys expect a full blown 'knock me off my feet' graphics or something?

It looks like an early build. Reserve judgment please.
2Negativecool  +   2570d ago
Are you serious?
This game was announced a looooong time ago. Screenshots of "ingame" images were being circulated back in '05.

THIS is what it was supposed to look like:
This is why I was expecting a graphical orgasm. Total let down.
ultimolu  +   2570d ago
Well um GEE, I didn't know? This is probably the first time I've heard about the game so I assumed they were from an early build?

Don't bite my head off.
2Negativecool  +   2570d ago
Erm...I didn't bite your head off.

I showed you WHY everyone is disappointed this games looks mediocre. Don't tell people to reserve judgement because of your ignorance.
ultimolu  +   2570d ago
"I showed you WHY everyone is disappointed this games looks mediocre. Don't tell people to reserve judgement because of your ignorance."

The only reason why I said that is because it comes out next year? Yeah, my ignorance. Whatever.

And the graphics *do* look horrible. I agree with that.
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2Negativecool  +   2570d ago
Yea, your ignorance. It was announced 3 years ago.
Atomic  +   2570d ago
Driv3r on the PS2 looked way better than this.
this game is the epitome of mediocre.
mrdxpr2  +   2570d ago
wow this game looks disapointing those graphics remind me of something on the wii what are the devs thinking this is next gen last gen
Dancryer  +   2570d ago
why bother ...
Looks very very poor indeed, a farcry from the original video shown long ago which was promised to be 'realtime' graphics !
I understand its work in progress but why show it at all in its current state then ? its only going to generate bad press ...

I suspect the finished product isnt going to look that much different to what we are seeing now, in which case it looks like another one to miss.
lh_swe  +   2570d ago
Seriously why did they release this? this doesnt give them any chance whatsoever, why not release a couplde of CG trailer until they have worked up the graphics and if this is it then whats the point of releasing it even?
rbluetank  +   2570d ago
the heath bar system needs to be replaced. last gen
the game still needs alot of polishing. it will be hard press to see that the game will be polished in the way it needs to be polish before release. it look like it is missing so much in terms of action. i not talking about graphic. i am talking about the total picture. (gunplay,animation,health bar and gameplay) the game looks run of the mill. time will tell.. GL to them...
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RAF-TECH  +   2570d ago
looks like a ps3 game
Tubby McNutsack  +   2570d ago
That's funny. 360 is lead platform for this game LMFAO!

"Looks like a PS3 game" lol. I don't even know what that's supposed to mean. Is it supposed to be a joke? The best looking console game is still Uncharted + MGS4 and Killzone 2 even looks better than Crysis. Last time I saw a real good looking 360 game was uh.. Well. Never. Unreal Engine 3 is sh*t. You retarded 360 fans should be burned alive in a huge open fire while you get raped in the ass by donkeys.
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RAF-TECH  +   2570d ago
360 is lead platform?
then i don't even wanna see the PS3 version...
i'll probably puke
Tubby McNutsack  +   2570d ago
Just like your mom puked when you were born and she saw your face. I bet now she'll think twice before she decides to sell her body without using a condom.
AIi_The_Brit  +   2570d ago
lmfao RAF you just got owned mate
RAF-TECH  +   2570d ago
it's funny when you guys should realize I'm only trying to crack a joke.
But wait...
some of you guys take it way to seriously... and then end up dissing me and cursing... making MAMMA jokes?

Half of the PS3 fanboys that already PM'd me know I'm all about jokes..
but you guys take it heart...

take it easy there guys...
here...I think you need this...
NMC2007  +   2570d ago
That looks terrible!! WTF?!
AIi_The_Brit  +   2570d ago
holy crap is that bad
BigKev45  +   2570d ago
4 yrs in the making & it still looks like trash.
8BitSoul  +   2570d ago
This doesn't look at all like the first screenshots I saw a year ago. Looks super craptaclular when compared. This game actually makes True Crime on the PS2 look good!
Erotic Sheep  +   2570d ago
WTF? What happened to the graphics? Wasn't it gonna be like this?

What the hell happened? Seeing this video totally scraps the game out of my list :\
8BitSoul  +   2569d ago
And the worst part is that under the Steel Monkey Logo it says "CLASS 1 game product". lmao
TruthBTold  +   2570d ago
Glad I wasnt the only one thinking negative thoughts about this game
The graphics look very last gen which I know some people may want to argue that graphics isnt everything but with the technology available today um.... yes, I have to argue that they should have decent graphics in games now. Unless you have a huge game such as Fallout 3 which has fairly ok graphics but is huge in the amount of gameplay it provides then ok Ill take that over good graphics. But Im not sure how big this game is, three cities might be a reason why graphics arent the most important thing to work on in the game but gameplay should be in order to make playing that long worthwhile. So far the game play didnt seem impresive at all. As someone mentioned "generic" which is exactly what I thought, another GTA game which is not interesting, I think hype is what sold GTA4 and the desire to enjoy it as much as previous GTAs' but I havent touch that game since I beat it. Almost to the end I was more ancious to finish it so that I can move on to another one of my older games which were still fun to play. Sorry but for me and apparently for many others this game does not look promising. Sure its still under development but nothing about it makes people want to see what it will look like when its done. Also I thought this was cancelled, someone else mentioned it so Im sure it was. I think they should just save their money and cut their losses. Its to expensive now to be making games that wont sell. Developers should focus on quality, not quantity.

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