GamesAreEvil Preview: Fat Princess

The PSN title Fat Princess both shocked and awed gamers at E3. Being an extremely controversial title due to the premise of the game, feminists have all but sent death threats to the developers. Well that could be because up until now no one knew who the developers were...

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bgrundman3654d ago

This looks like a very interesting game, any word on if it is eventually Xbox LIVE bound?

ToastyMcNibbles3654d ago

i think this psn title is published by sony correct me if im wrong so i wouldnt expect it to head over to xbla...been really looking forward to this as well as flower and punisher no mercy...i love what sony is doing with their psn titles just so much great content

killyourfm3654d ago

Nope, this one's a PSN Exclusive Grundy...just like Wipeout HD, The Last Guy, PixelJunk Eden, and all the wonderfully quirky titles that Sony keep publishing for the PSN.

that was slightly fanboyish, wasn't it? Heh.

Neco5123628d ago

wow! this game looks like it would be mad fun if it were on xbl

Neco5123628d ago

oh man that sucks that it wont be coming to xbl at all

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CrAppleton3628d ago

Yeah guys.. this one is a PSN exclusive.. although I do think it would be cool to see this on Xbox Live..

Hobb3628d ago

Looks pretty neat! I don't know about the psn exclusivness though

TOO PAWNED3628d ago

It is published by Sony, shown at Sony booth at E3, confirmed to be PSN exclusive game.....want more? Instead just go around internet sites to confirm this.

TOO PAWNED3628d ago

PSN exclusive, published by Sony, just like Crash Commando(awesome), Flower, that tower defense game "MOON something", Rag Doll kung fu and many others.
PSN games PAWN, those that have PS3 know what i am talking about