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Top 5 Most Inappropriately Named Games

OXM UK names the top five most inappropriately named games on Xbox 360.

The five games are listed in order along with reasons why they have made the list and a suggestion for what they should have been called instead. (Double D Dodgeball, Legendary: The Box, Ninety-Nine Nights, Two Worlds, Wanted, Xbox 360)

Jonty  +   2087d ago
Bit harsh
Wanted isn't even out yet. And it's Grin doing it, and it's not been delayed for the movie - could actually be really good.
The Matrix  +   2087d ago
Most Inappropriately Named Game: Resistance...no one can resist.
No FanS Land  +   2087d ago
nice one.
MrWeymes  +   2087d ago
The Legend of Zelda. She wasn't even in Majoras Mask. Who's telling legends of Zelda? They're too busy telling children about the heroic adventures of Link, or the "unnamed" hero.
Bnet343  +   2087d ago
I LOLed at:

Bonsai1214  +   2087d ago
haha, i laughed at that and "ninety nine nights, should have been named, eight hours"
InMyOpinion  +   2087d ago
Two Worlds should never be mentioned. The horror...
P  +   2087d ago
"Gears of war 2"
It should be "Gears of War 1.5"
mindedone  +   2087d ago
-GametimeUK-  +   2087d ago
Halo 3
stupidly named title... I would prefer Halo 2.5
outlawlife  +   2086d ago
this list should have been: Never Created

pointless and really had nothing truly to do with the games names, it was the guys opinion about the game forced into some pan about the title

paul-p1988  +   2086d ago
hmmm, how about
Gears of Poor,

where are they haha i love those names though. 'Wanted' = 'Not Wanted: At all' hehe
sGIBMBR  +   2086d ago
^^^ Moron ^^^
bmatthews  +   2069d ago
a bit harsh on wanted...
it was totally uncalled for, the idiot didn't even look at the gameplay of wanted and immediately went on to bash it for stupid and mediocre reasons, this fool should be fired for such a pointless article...bashing on an unreleased game because it's a movie-based game, typical idiot!

if he/she had bothered to look up the game, maybe they would have put up a better argument against it, because right now talking about the game releasing after the movie is a very weak point indeed.

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