TheSixthAxis Review: Mirror's Edge

TheSixthAxis: "With a fairly short story mode (you'll get through it in around six hours) the decision on whether to pick up the game will lie with how you feel about the game's core mechanics and whether you're prepared to spend hours searching for the perfect route to be crowned the king of the leaderboards. Sure, it's not the longest game every released but there's no filler either - each and every second of the story mode is packed with action, from leaping massive building-wide jumps to sprinting through police-infested office blocks. There's not a single part of the game we didn't enjoy replaying, it's a visual tour-de-force (albeit a rather minimal, Designers Republic style affair) and the music is to die for (and has it's own player in the options). Could have done with a co-op mode, perhaps, but the promised DLC will surely keep us going for some time."

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