Wrath of the Lich King Quest Guide

Need help questing in Northrend? Players who lack cash to buy the Brady guide might be interested to know about this massive Lich King guide.

For most game sites and fansites (besides Bradygames, who professionally do this), the Wrath of the Lich King Beta has been mainly a pastime, and a cool way to be part of a clique of WoW players privy to the luxury of trying out content before launch. Well, some lag was included, and server crashes, and a few bug reports, but mostly a leisure.'s Darker has done the opposite. Hundreds of hours have gone in to cataloguing all the quests, and making a comprehensive quest guide for anyone wanting to level up quickly, in preparation for Lich King raiding. It's now formatted and prepared for the general public.

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Leord3623d ago

Well, WOW. Massive is the word. I suppose Darker will be done with Icecrown Glacier before I get there myself ^^

martynmj3623d ago

Ooooo this will come in extremely handy! :D

thetamer3623d ago

awesome. this is actually flippin cool.

Dorjan3623d ago

That'll be good for people who don't mind cheaa I mean having a hand with their questing!

JonahNL3623d ago

Meh, wouldn't consider it cheating... =P It does come close though, depending on the way it's used!

Rovdjuret3623d ago

i want a updated questhelper addon :)

Leord3623d ago

No worries, it will come soon as well, I assume =)

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The story is too old to be commented.