Blizzard On New MMO

IncGamers have unveiled some more information on the new MMO title which Blizzard are currently developing.

The news item outlines why Blizzard haven't said anything more on their new MMO and why no announcement has been made for console platforms.

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AndyA3656d ago

Shame, would like to see a decent console MMO

Leord3656d ago

I'm quite happy to have them on PC, to be fair. So much more possibilities to customize and whatnot. There really isn't any reason to put everything on consoles =P

Terrice3656d ago

Right now I'm happy with a PC MMO game, but hopefully the console market can share in the wealth someday.

Leord3656d ago

The thing is, some sort of console port for it wouldn't be half bad. I mean a lot of the stuff you can do in WoW WOULD be possible to simplify down to a console level.

At least Warlock gameplay ^^

hay3656d ago

Ever heard about keyboard and mouse on consoles?

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Leord3656d ago

Well, I expected such an answer. It will be very cool when they do give FULL info! =D

Terrice3656d ago

Definitely looking forward to the full interview.

Leord3656d ago

I heard they got like 30 min with each bloke. Could be some really cool stuff there.

player_729853656d ago

Interesting indeed. Although I don't think I want more MMO's out of Blizzard personally. This coming from a person who's only tried WoW a few times and still really doesn't like it =/ The other thing that really turns me off is that Blizzard, like all others, will most likely get a Subscription Fee for the game. Blizzard is already making enough money as it is, and seeing them only want more with a new MMO + SC II + Diablo III... Just would not suprise me at all.

SuperM3656d ago

So since blizzard have more then enough money they should make games that arent profitable? Lets face it. If they make a new MMO and it gets anywhere close to as popular as WoW it will cost alot to keep up the servers, and not to mention customer support. If they dont have a fee then it will eventually drain their profits when the game has run for several years. What they could possibly do is make a fee for battlenet and if you pay it you will have access to all blizzard games online. That would be a VERY generous offer for the consumer. But i doubt even blizzard is that nice.

martynmj3656d ago

I MUCH preffer playing MMO's on the PC so if it had been a console MMO i would probably not been interested AT all :P

thetamer3656d ago

I think the main problem is the user interface, and how you would export that to a console.

Terrice3656d ago

This is true, though the Nintendo Wii with the remote will probably ease the pain of no mouse.

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