Latest Banjo-Kazooie made for the wrong box

Rare Ltd.'s innovative and colourful new platform game will go to waste on the Xbox 360, a platform whose core users seem to prefer more gritty and gruesome fare, says the Globe and Mail. From the story:

"...the game probably could have been quite lucrative, had it been released for a Nintendo platform. Nintendo has as part of its hardware user base a massive number of mature gamers who were weaned on and still love old-school platform games.

Alas, the Xbox 360's core demographic is made up of teens and twenty-somethings who grind away their nights playing gritty, gruesome shooters. I doubt many of them will make time for this colourful little distraction--especially not in a season loaded with blockbuster games that are right up their alley.

Put plainly, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is a good game that will go to waste on a platform that can offer it no market. It's nice that Microsoft is trying to diversify its line-up; it's just too bad this bright little game will become a casualty along the way."

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xhi43658d ago

it would have made a ton on the Wii.

Ah well.

jtucker783658d ago

Yeah, but you would have had to cut all the physics and content out to get it running on Wii so it would have ended up being a different game.
I would have liked to try this game on PS3, but 360 is a worthy enough console to put it on with a high attach rate.

I think they made a fair choice of console.

Rock Bottom3658d ago

Now if they stuck the original Banjo-Kazooie and haven't changed almost every thing,the game would have been more apriciated by 360 owners.

Platformer or not, most hardcore gamers are just looking for good games.

Bnet3433658d ago

This is a no brainer. Of course it's made on the wrong box. Microsoft needed to have an exclusive platformer on their console, I don't think they had one so they had to bring this one back.

psnDevistator3563658d ago

is not that its made for the wrong box.

Its the type of game they made.

You should never tamper with what is a core with an ip.

Thats why this game is such a turnoff.

Whats the reason most people liked Banjo-Kazooie?

Its was its platforming.

So When you remove something like that and have the basis on something completely different, it just fails.

They should of come up with a totally new ip to apply this idea of vehicle customization.

ChickeyCantor3658d ago

Even then, it would have become more like N64 game( gameplay wise) and we know we could have all appreciated that!

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ZackFair3658d ago

Haha another flop for the trashbox

Tubby McNutsack3658d ago

Just another Xbroke 360 game to ignore this year. I'm beginning to lose account, hence I threw my 360 away in the trash 'cause no one I know was dumb enough to take it, even for free. I don't even know what I was thinking when I bought it.

timmyrulz3658d ago

I can spell flop it goes like this


there is also another way of spelling it.


Yours sincerely

Trolls r us

WIIIS13658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

timmy stop embarrassing yourself, you spelt it all wrong. The correct spellings are:



P L A Y S T A T I O N 3



InMyOpinion3658d ago

I'm happy they made it for the 360, been playing it non-stop. Once you get drawn in it's impossible to stop playing it. The graphics would look crap on the Wii and I'm not sure it would be able to handle the physics but yeah, it might have the better audience for it.

Deios3658d ago

They should of made Killer Instinct 3 instead. It would of made way more money than this.

Software_Lover3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Applying their logic should mean every "kiddy" game should go to the wii. With the all of the best games on the ps3 being shooters, thus far, that would mean LBP is a waste also. Right?

Cant knock his opinion, but logically he/they should state this about every game that comes out and fits that demographic.

Sarcasm3658d ago

Well I don't think it's more about putting "this game" on the Wii.

It's more about "not putting" that game on the 360.

You won't see "Barbie's Adventure" on the 360. If it was, then it would obviously sell like crap.

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