Gamespot: Call of Duty: World at War Review

By staying largely true to the formula that made Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare so successful, Call of Duty: World at War has ensured a proven level of technical quality, particularly in the multiplayer arena. On the other hand, one of Modern Warfare's strengths was its fresh approach, and by embracing a familiar setting and familiar mechanics, World at War achieves greatness but falls short of excellence. This is only a bad thing if you are expecting this game to top its benchmark predecessor. If, however, you are hoping for an exciting campaign, fun cooperative play, and engaging multiplayer action, then you'll find a lot to be happy about in World at War.

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RPG Guy3660d ago

Not as good as COD4. A lot of that has to do with the stale old WWII setting. I hope the game sells like ass and that Treyarch actually grow a little and leave their comfort zone for a change. Total dissapointment, can't wait for Infinity Ward to get this thing back in the right direction next year.

OrganicMachine3660d ago

I think treyarch is owned by Activision ( I could be wrong)..

so maybe Activision wanted Treyarch to make a WWII game out of Call of duty:[email protected]?

Sarcasm3660d ago

It would have blown everyone's mind if COD4 didn't come out.

Unfortunately, COD4 is set so high that every FPS that has come out will be in some form compared to it.

BattleAxe3660d ago

I just finished CoD5 tonight, and the single player campaign was definitely in the same league as CoD4. Absolutely fantastic!

Because I finished the game I was able to unlock Nazi Zombie Mode, which is actually quite freaky. I finished it on Hardened difficulty and let me tell you that this was a very challenging game.

kosha3660d ago

I like WW2 games and this is best one out there so its a must buy for me. Now go ahead and press the disagree button

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Slinger4203660d ago

^^^^ Did you even play the game??? The campaign was great and the zombie mode bonus content is freaking awesome. The multiplayer definitely isn't COD4 quality but it's the next best thing.

coolfool3660d ago

What has Treyarch failed at?

Creating a good game? Nope, not failed that.

Delivering something fun and exciting to play? Nope.

Creating an emotional experience? Nope.

Managing to create something new from a stale setting (WWII)? Nope, not even failed that.

Ok, I'm at a loss here, exactly what have they failed at?

shysun3660d ago

They failed to do any thing new! A few different perks wont cut it. WWII games are so freaking old, I wish they would just die. Bad move.

kosha3660d ago

They added alot more things than new perks my friend

jkhan3660d ago

Is it me or I see two gamespot COD5 reviews on the front page?

RememberThe3573660d ago

I'll have to rent it after this hail storm of great games blows over.

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