NWR: Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals Review

Disney has its own online thing. This isn't Nintendo Wi-Fi, it's "D-Gamer", but it amounts to the same thing. Online battles are pretty standard, although there's an online ranking system in place, too. Spectrobes is also a card game, and you can buy and somehow upload the card data onto the game to unlock more Spectrobes. The game comes with four cards, but at no point did the two-hour tutorial tell NWR how to upload the card data. Honestly, that's one more fetch-quest they could do without anyway.

* Graphics fairly impressive
* Online battles and ranking

* Never-ending tutorial
* No shortage of fetch-questing
* Battles, though different from Pokemon, not nearly as deep or engaging
* Awakening fossils is the most horrible DS process I've ever experienced

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