Black PSP 3000 Ratchet and Clank Bundle but with another PSN voucher, not Echochrome.

Show off your games, videos and pictures on silver PSP with dazzling, all-new, enhanced screen! Entertainment Pack includes Ratchet & Clank game, National Treasure 2 movie, 1GB Memory Stick Duo and echochrome game download voucher. Play thrilling games, movies, music, connect to the Internet, watch live TV, communicate with Skype, jam to Internet radio and more!

Dazzling, all-new, enhanced PSP screen
Lighter, slimmer, Mystic Silver, or Piano Black PSP
Ratchet & Clank®: Size Matters UMD game
National Treasure 2 UMD movie
PLAYSTATION®Network game download voucher for echochrome
1GB Memory Stick Duo
Play games, movies, music and more
A new PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment system (PSP-3000) featuring an advanced LCD that further improves the very popular, high resolution PSP display will be available in this entertainment pack.

While inheriting the basic design and functionality of the current "slim and light" PSP, the image quality on the new LCD screen is dramatically enhanced, and a built-in microphone is added to meet the PSP users' demand to enjoy games and content with voice input functionality without the use of a separate microphone.

Offering the highest-level contrast ratio, response time, and wider color gamut possible on a portable LCD screen, the new PSP is capable of displaying movies and photos in more natural and vibrant colors on its high resolution 4.3 inch wide screen. The new LCD screen adopts an anti-reflection technology, which enables users to see the screen more clearly in well-lit places, even when used outdoors. The built-in microphone will allow users to easily enjoy games that utilize a microphone, as well as Skype and other communication tools. Through these additional and upgraded features, not only will the PSP user experience improve, but content creators also will have more flexibility to develop creative, entertainment content for the new PSP.

Further expanding PSP's entertainment capabilities, the video-out port is also expanded to output gameplay in interlace format, which will allow new PSP users to enjoy games on non-progressive TVs by using separately sold cables. With the current "slim and light" PSP, games can be displayed on progressive TVs only.

PSP is gaining overwhelming support from a wide range of users from all over the world through its exciting lineup of software titles as well as the introduction of color variations and network services. Since the launch of "slim and light" PSP in September 2007, the expansion of the PSP platform has been further accelerated, and more than 41 million units have been sold as of June 2008.

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clinker3654d ago

What the hell is this?

PotNoodle3654d ago

Black PSP 3000 Ratchet and Clank Bundle but with another PSN voucher, not Echochrome.

The Matrix3654d ago

Why are they still selling these when the screen gets blurry whenever there is motion in a game? If it was a small problem I might say leave it but that is a big problem why isn't Sony fixing it?

PotNoodle3654d ago

I have not had a single problem with mine so far and neither has many other people, it only effects a small amount of games.

gano3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Is this real and when is it avail. I want that blk one now!
Omg it is when is it avail!