Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty Blu-Ray on Sale in the UK Now

GOONL!NE: "GOONL!NE can confirm that a Blu-Ray verison of Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty for the PLAYSTATION 3 is now on sale in the UK.

This is despite the fact that GOONL!NE was told back in August that the Blu-Ray verison was canned."

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Silogon3655d ago

Fantastic game! The R&C series is such a remarkable series. Anyone who has the means to play these games but chooses not to really isn't a gamer.

gametheory3655d ago

I played it at a Sony Style and it bored the hell out of me. Maybe because I simply grabbed the controller and the game was there so that's why I never thought it was a good game; I also became tired of platformers after being the only good genre on N64 with Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Banjo, Conker, Chameleon, Bomberman, and what not, not to mention crash bandicoot...

However, I played Spyro just recently and became addicted to it, so I decided to give Ratchet Tools of destruction on PS3 a shot and I bought it, but it's still not opened... I just hope I'm really missing a lot and not simply a dumbed down Mario game with guns and humor.

Silogon3655d ago

It has little to do with Mario's platform style at all... Think of R&C more like a 3-d mega man and or Metroid game. That is a bit more nail on the head. R&C games have no equal in the genre they represent.

The Matrix3655d ago

Ratchet and Clank my personal favorite game series of all time. Quest for Booty was fun and I'd buy it again if it came to the U.S. in Blu-Ray.

P3655d ago

Sweet stuff Insomniac

PirateThom3655d ago

It's been on sale in the UK since it was released... in Gamestop anyway.

Johnny Cullen3655d ago

Yeah, that was the point.

One minute it's coming, the next it's canned ,now its on sale again.

But yeah, like I said, just Gamestop. Nowhere else in particular, like Game, is selling it.

BTW, Siren is there too for anyone curious.

Tidus113655d ago

Its good the finally got this disc based... alot of people have concerns about buying and storing a game on your ps3.

zayne3655d ago

This has been out here on blu ray in South Africa ever since the game launched on PSN???

Johnny Cullen3655d ago

What part of U and K do you not understand?

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