Recession Might Be the Real Blu-ray Killer

Softpedia writes: "This year has been extremely important for Sony and its Blu-ray disc, since it was officially crowned the "next-gen DVD format" after the utter defeat of Toshiba's HD DVD. After that fateful moment (which, as you might recall, occurred in early spring), things took the path everyone expected them to, the players and discs getting more and more affordable while every studio adopted them for their current and future releases. But then....September and October came, and with them, one of the worst economic periods the world has ever seen (in other words, recession)."

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P3624d ago

Nothing's going to kill Bluray.


spongeboob3624d ago

Not another one of these dumb @ss blu-ray is gonna die articles.
why can't these people get over the fact that their format lost and move on. I hope this articles makes it to the failed zone soon.

Traveler3624d ago

That doesn't automatically mean that Blu-ray inherits DVD's throne.

ThatCanadianGuy3624d ago

I don't know about that..

Was in my local blockbuster the other night
(same boring dull one i always went to for years)

But this time right in the middle of the store they had this massive kiosk with four 40 inch Plazma t.v's facing different directions with one PS3 under each one

Showing off Ironman,300,Spiderman 3,Journey to the centre of the earth
It was fantastic advertising.Especially with all the lights in the store focused on the Kiosk.

There was atleast 15 people checking it out,a few of them bought PS3's
Hell,i even bought 300 & Troy

They looked so damn good! But that's just in Canada..
I don't know how things are in the U.S,anyone else notice blu-ray sales only going up & up?

MURKERR3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

oh its just another 'if & predicting gloom for sony' article....even though for two years all these articles have been wrong,YAWN

plain rice3624d ago

That's what I noticed at my local Blockbuster too.

Danja3624d ago

Another day , another Blu Ray is doomed article..

Let me put it the simpliest way I can ' As long as the PS3 is selling well , which it will continue to do for many years to comes Blu Ray will never be DOOMED...

The Dark Knight will also make sure of that....!!

thebudgetgamer3624d ago

i think i saw something that said blue-ray would kill blue-ray


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So Easy I Can Do It3624d ago

in tough times, people want to get away from the stress
movies during the great dep..

Makidian3624d ago

I don't get these articles, they bunch themselves close to other articles of the same type so they look like they are of the same opinion and of the off chance they are right, they can say I told you so. Digital Downloads will be here but not nearly fast enough for it to phase out BD as a format. I highly doubt Hollywood is suddenly going to move to digital downloads because of a recession and BD might not have a good Christmas. There are a bunch of problems with this, most notably the fact that not too many people have that kind of speed to download, or properly stream, HD movies. The second one being bandwith caps, how do they think a bunch of people are going to feel about downloading movies when they have over reached their caps by multiple gig's to the point the bill is double or triple what it is because they had been downloading and streaming. You only have to pay once for a disc and player, and most likely the people making those purchases already have an HDTV. People that write these things really don't think much

Traveler3624d ago

The problem isn't where people are going to get HD. The problem is that for many people DVDs (especially upconverted) are good enough.

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