Mega Man In LittleBigPlanet, Play It Before Media Molecule Moderate It

GameXtract writes "The good old days of Mega Man don't have to be memories along side your dusty NES console any longer as those pictures, and animated sequences in your head can now be refreshed with a new Mega Man LittleBigPlanet level. Although the level is user created, and you probably stumbled upon countless levels with out of proportion blocks, and literally no exit, the author of the this piece is no beginner when it comes to creativity, and Mega Man gamers that have played the title on the NES will be no stranger to this level. The best part about this is that who ever is playing the level shown below is using an old school TV along with it…that's the spirit! Oh yeah, and by the way, be sure to play it before Media Molecule find out, and moderate it out all together! Go Go Go!"

Video after the jump!

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Parapraxis3655d ago

.5% of levels have been moderated..i'll play this when I get a chance.

grayfox_2k3655d ago

I just played Digdug, Pacman, Tetris and Mirror's Edge. They've been there ever since I bought the game and they've yet to be moderated.

I bet some noobs are confusing "level failed to load" with moderation, and made a big deal out of it. smh smh smh

CloudsEnd3655d ago

Im fascinated! Awesome!

ultimolu3655d ago

That's a nice job there.

crimsonfox3655d ago

thats a nice creative way to do it

Sano643655d ago

Really kewl! I wish they would make this game for the PC!

TheHater3655d ago

get a ps3 if you want to play this game because I will not come to the PC

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The story is too old to be commented.