IGN: Xbox 360 Top 10: Where's My DLC?

Part of the promise of Xbox Live has been the extension of games beyond what is on the disc. The experience isn't supposed to end with the last level anymore. Sometimes that promise goes unfulfilled or under delivers. What begins as assurances that people will see more downloadable content than they can imagine often fizzles into one or two extra maps before the games slip through the cracks and their attention turns to the next big release. Today IGN Xbox 360 is looking back to the past to put the spotlight on games they feel need more of the DLC treatment.

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green3686d ago

Don't really care about DLC for any of those games apart from Mass Effect.We only got one so far Bring Down The Sky (a bit short) and i hope they release another one that would be much larger and longer before Mass Effect 2 releases.

davidadrake3686d ago

Scene It has a menu option for downloadable content, but they just released the newest edition and never released any. Sure would have been nice to have some new video clips and/or questions. I am pretty sure that the box promised downloadable content.