PC Call of Duty: World at War Gets Launch Patch

"Call of Duty: World at War just saw its release yesterday, but if you bought the PC version, it came with some bugs. The nice people at Treyarch noticed the problems early enough, allowing you to download a pretty large patch, which will fix a number of the issues, right alongside your purchase.

Some of the most important repairs will be modifcations to co-op, single player, and multiplayer, a new patch notifier, holes in multiplayer maps fixed, and spawning improvements as well as weapon balancing. As we said earlier, the patch needs a pretty hefty amount of space on your hard drive for a quick fix, 317 MB, but no matter the size, it seems like a must to download for the best gameplay experience."


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ThePimpOfSound3684d ago

Sweet, sweet weapon balancing. You think they'll continue to balance them as multiplayer trends reveal themselves, ala Halo 2?

cain1413684d ago

If they want long lasting success they will need to...

italianbreadman3684d ago

Ahh, what a glorious digital age we live in.

ihaten4glol3684d ago

Seems they would have noticed the issues BEFORE release, but they're fixing it so I'll give 'em that.

TheIneffableBob3684d ago

They did notice the issues before release through player feedback from the beta. So, using that data, they fixed those issues and released a day zero patch for the game.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3684d ago

If this was a PlayStation 3 game people would be all over this saying it has failed. When in reality people fail to realize PlayStation Network is virtually identical to the computer games. At least the patch comes faster than the persistent online games.