WhatIfGaming: Mirror's Edge Review

What if Gaming writes: "Mirror's Edge presents a world where everything is different. Most games usually do, and only a few capture the reality of the worlds which they cover. For Mirror's Edge, this just is not the case. As great as the innovation presented itself to many people, the main flaw comes from transforming a first person focus into something that gets slightly repetitive in the realms of a 3D first person horribly portrayed Mario that jumps across rooftops to rooftops instead of block of land floating in the air. While the game challenges outright convention to do something not completely realized, it sadly does not give the vision that it was ever meant to be".

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JoyiusHammer3659d ago

It's common knowledge it's WhatIfGaming. You seem to have gotten the title right...then messed up by saying "What if gaming"

Seriously. how hard is it?!