NPD: Most Play Portable Devices At Home

"Devices like the DS and PSP were created so games could be taken anywhere; they're portable after all. But Edge recently clarified new research by the NPD Group on portable gaming habits, discovering that 79 percent "use their portable device in-home, far more than any other location," according to the research firm."


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italianbreadman3602d ago

I play in bed a lot...but when using mass transit, a handheld is your savior.

cain1413602d ago

I stopped buying handhelds when I noticed I was doing this...

ThePimpOfSound3602d ago

I like the insight about Japanese vs. American portable culture. I lived in NYC for a while and it wasn't all over the place, but you did see people rocking the DS or PSP once in a while.

Agreed, though, playing on the couch while others watch TV is a great way to be social and antisocial at the same time.

ihaten4glol3602d ago

I really do sit on the couch every night with my DS or PSP at some point, get pissed when they run out of battery, and am too lazy to plug them into the wall. Sad.

PS360WII3601d ago

I as well play my handhelds at home a lot. Why not really?

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