PSP and DS a thing of the past says Apple

Apple's vice president of iPod and iPhone product marketing, Greg Joswiak, believes that Sony and Nintendo's handheld devices are "in the past". Is the future of hand held gaming really in the hands of Apple or is this just another n-gage waiting to happen all over again?

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godofthunder103686d ago

In a way i agree with the article.The i phone will take the place of the other hand held system if they are over a certain age.The ones that are to young to have a i phone will keep buying the systems.The way i see it all the companies will win.

Bnet3433686d ago

I just want to go on for a record that anyone in this site that owns an iPhone is a tool. It's not evena good phone let alone a gaming device. Apple is a joke, love iPod + iTunes though ^_^

PS3n3603686d ago

The iphone is great and not for tools although alot of tools own them. I use mine daily for gps games phone internet etc. How does this make me and millions of other people a tool? You sir a candidate for the open zone with inept comments like that. I have had 2 psp's and they sucked, the controls, the size, the crap umd drive, cheap build quality, failing lasers, on and on. Give it a rest tool.

INehalemEXI3686d ago

Various characters from Dissidia chopping up some apples for Aerith to make some apple crisp and apple pie.

Kaneda3686d ago

Play more games on my iphone than my PSP... I don't own Nintendo DS.. I think Nintendo is [email protected]!

Tempist3686d ago

I like how his main arguement for the claim that the PSP and DS are out is because the iPhone has 'real 3D games'. Wow that's killer. I think he needs to do some research using his new iPhone before he stumbles into a realm where he's going to get eaten.

Seriously, read his entire quote and try to spot where he makes a valid arguement over an invalid vague statement. Litterally, it's talking points. Weak talking points.

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AngelusRen3687d ago

It's so funny, i think he actually believes his own bullshit.

Parapraxis3687d ago

Greg Joswiak must have no experience with a PSP or DS, this is the only explanation to such a rediculous claim.

Bladestar3686d ago

mmm.... lookie lookie here... it seems like Apple is wage a war against Sony and Nintendo too... Usually Sony fans side with Apple because they are against Microsoft... so, what do you guys think? Is apple right and the DS and PSP crap compare to the iPod and iPhone? lol!

Bnet3433686d ago

Sony competes with Apple too. They make MP3 players and laptops as well. Laptops with Microsoft OS on them. :D

ps360s3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I own a Iphone but I am NOT A TOOL!

I know the Iphone when it comes to a multimedia phone it totally gets own by other phones out there.

I got one because Of the look and feel oh yea and for being a showoff... lol

Mine is jailbreak so Im ok but I do feel the Iphone could've been better...alot better...

Iphone can't compete with PSP or DS and that statement he made is EXTREME!

Oh and Playing games on the Iphone feels not so good compare to pressin the buttons.

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The story is too old to be commented.