N-Europe: De Blob (Wii) Review's Nathan Whincup writes:

"The real treat and joys you'll receive from the game comes from just trying to paint absolutely everything you can – there's something quite therapeutic and soothing about just going about and doing things your own way rather than being forced to stick to a certain schedule in Graydia.

This is evident in the 'reward' you receive for painting everything you possibly can – music. Whenever you splodge a building with your rebellious spectrum of paint, a burst of jazz emerges from your speakers. (Nice.) This phenomenon is known as musical synesthesia (thank you Wikipedia) and is related to the association of colours with music. Whack a certain colour on buildings, you'll get a certain sound. Switch colours and unleash your inner Neil Buchanan to experience a different melody – the music gradually builds up with more instrumental depth as you help to restore towns to their former glory, and you'll eventually have a wonderfully funky orchestra which is a treat to listen to."

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