IGN: Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Review

Rabbids TV Party doesn't rewrite the mini-game genre. It's a tried and true third installment in the series that IGN feels shares more in common with the original than its boring sequel. There are some presentational issues to contend with this time around, including blase 2D cinematics and unnecessary loads. And again, there are some throwaway mini- games included in the package, too. But by and large the selection of titles is good and the comedic style and delivery still genuinely funny, even if it's not particularly fresh now. There's also Balance Board support and a new emphasis on games simultaneously fun for four players. So if you loved any of the Rabbids titles or just want a mostly well-crafted party game, Ubisoft's latest is a suitable choice.

Presentation - 7.0
Graphics - 7.0
Sound - 7.5
Gameplay - 7.0
Lasting Appeal - 7.0
Overall -

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