Microsoft Updates GFW - Live Client

With all the attention being paid to the vaunted New Xbox Experience interface that will launch later this month for the Xbox 360, Microsoft quietly updated the Games for Windows - Live client today. The update doesn't introduce any new functionality--that is planned later on with the release of a desktop client as well as the Games for Windows - Live Marketplace. However, the update does give the GFW - Live client a whole new look that's better suited for PCs...

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Bnet3433688d ago

Why can't they make it so you can have Live on your PC without buying one of their games?

M337ING3688d ago

A separate client will be released soon.

Charmers3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I imagine what you are talking about is the desktop client which will be released later. The update here is just a face lift although I do like the fact they have dumped all the xbox style "push A" I don't have a joypad and it will be a cold day in hell before I attach one to my PC. Other than that there isn't much to be said about the update except it is very erm "blue".

EDIT : I see M337ING beat me too it.

Charlie26883688d ago

Hopefully they will "fix" GFW since I haven't been able to log on not even once with Fallout 3 :S

Charmers3688d ago

I can't say I have had a problem logging into games for windows live with Fallout 3. Maybe you have a firewall or your router is blocking the connection but I am not aware of any problems with people playing Fallout 3 and not being able to log in.

I wish they had added a bit more customisation to this GFWL though, not a big fan of the colour scheme they used and it would have been nice to have the option of altering it to my own preferred tastes. It just seems all a wee bit too basic and unnecessary in my view. But we will see the state of play with GFWL when GTA 4 is released on the PC. That will be the real test of the network.

Charlie26883688d ago

I am having the same problem as Halo 2 were it would log into my profile but when I need to log into LIVE it will go into the "connecting" window and stay there FOREVER to the point that my only option is to click in the cancel button :/

How was Halo 2 fixed? randomly decided to connect one day...a month later after I first started playing it -_-

Shaka2K63688d ago

microflop FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!

cruckel3688d ago

but to compare GFWL to PSN is laughable. It is their futile attempt to encourage PC gamers to interact with 360 gamers. Great concept, but needs more work, a lot more work.

Not that any fanboy would understand, i feel sorry for them in fact. Being so close minded they can't enjoy the best of three system's (four if you count pc's)

TheIneffableBob3687d ago

No, three systems.

Wii has nothing good coming out.

P3688d ago

Wasted a click on this