GamePro: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Preview

GamePro writes: " While long overdue, Square Enix is finally sending the PS2 remake to the original Kingdom Hearts sequel outside of Japan. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, originally released as part of KH II's Japan-exclusive "Final Mix", will once again tie together the Kingdom Hearts saga for gamers who missed the GBA sleeper hit. The PS2 remake will feature a revamped card combat system, a full 3D graphics overhaul, and new cutscenes.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories has a long history with RPG fans. It was a card-based RPG follow-up to the first Kingdom Hearts, and our first introduction to KH II's resident bad guys, Organization XIII. When Kingdom Hearts II as released in Japan, a full remake for Chain of Memories was added to the "Final Mix" package, but this time constructed with the original Kingdom Hearts engine. Now, American gamers finally get their crack at this port-of-a-remake-of-a-spin-off-of-a-sequel just in time for the holidays."

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