GamePro: Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer Boot Camp

GamePro writes: "Call of Duty is back, but can it dethrone the multiplayer power of SOCOM, Gears 2, and Resistance? Well, nobody wants to be the chump at the bottom of the rankings when the matches are over, so here are GamePro's 9 best tips on how to come out on top when you join the online war.

Lesson 1: Battlefield Scavenger

So you just started out, and you're determined to get some kills with one of the entry-level weapons so you can unlock, say, a bayonet or sniper scope. Well, don't let that keep you from swapping that pea-shooting pistol for whatever your fallen foes leave behind. Early in your career, what you find on the ground will almost always be better than what you can equip from the start, so scoop that gear up whenever you get a chance, even if just to get a feel for what upgrades you really want to work towards."

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Slinger4203623d ago

Only thing I know for sure is the Unique Nazi Zombie mode is pretty sweet considering how awesome the single player campaign is. The multiplayer, while good, is not as great as COD4. Just my opinion