Giant Bomb: Mirror's Edge Review

Digital Illusions, the developer behind the Battlefield series, is going way, way outside its comfort zone with Mirror's Edge. While it shares a familiar first-person perspective, the focus in Mirror's Edge is less on gunplay, or really, combat of any kind, and more on navigating your environment using acrobatics, free running, parkour, whatever you want to call it. Even if, on a fundamental level, Mirror's Edge isn't that different from a nimble third-person action game like Prince of Persia, the game's sleek, over-saturated visual style is incredibly striking, and its first-person perspective can prove quite immersive. But the game loses its momentum when it all but forces you into combat situations and when it pits you against precarious jumping puzzles, two common occurrences that turn a viscerally kinetic experience into a tedious pattern of trial and error.

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Harry1903624d ago

would be doing that review. He already said he had a problem with the game. Too bad reviewers don't really get it. Perhaps they have been outpaced by current trends and are more of a liability to this industry and art than the heralds of joy and alacrity.

Th3 Chr0nic3624d ago

maybe thats why he didnt review it if he already had a problem with it before reviewing...dont want a biased review


too many mediocre reviews for me to buy this.

MIGHT rent it...

kornbeaner3624d ago

I might buy it just to support the effort.