GameSpy: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels Review

GameSpy writes: "When Nintendo first revealed the Wii's unique controller, one of the first images that popped into everybody's head was pushing that big, inviting A button and seeing a glowing blade shoot out of the top of the Remote, complete with the familiar hum that signals that some dude's gonna get his arm (or hands, or legs, or head, or torso) chopped off. It's no wonder that so many people began clamoring for LucasArts to create a "lightsaber game" for the Wii. What kid hasn't grabbed a stick, a cardboard tube, or the occasional microphone stand and waved it around while making "woosh" noises, pretending to be a noble Jedi or a dastardly Sith Lord?"

+Good Wii Remote usag
+Fun, easy to play combat system
+Graphics and sound are true to the TV show

-Only ten characters
-The single-player mode is extremely limited

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