GamingAge: Resistance 2 Review

Gaming Age writes: "Resistance 2 is the Halo 3 of the PlayStation 3... there, I said it. A hugely anticipated, platform exclusive FPS sequel with a slightly underwhelming single player experience and an amazing, addictive online multiplayer component. Both games have very loyal followings and large rabid fan bases who have spent (or will spend) countless hours blasting away online with friends. The franchises share some similarities on the surface, though they are quite different enough in style, structure and gameplay to feel unique. The one thing they absolutely have in common is an attentive developer and of course a supportive, and often demanding, community. Insomniac Games clearly put a lot of heart into Resistance 2, and their fans will ultimately thank them for it".

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ToastyMcNibbles3683d ago

resistance 2 is always looking forward to the new ratchet and clank games but after finishing resistance 2 i said screw ratchet for next year bring resistance 3 lol but in all seriousness i am definitely looking forward to the next ratchet game in 09 and then resistance 3 in 2010 woo!

poopsack3683d ago

i think resistance is a great game for vehicles in multiplayer, i wish they would include em. And give the option to disable them for those that dont like it. I want this game.

Pennywise3683d ago

I agree... R2 is awesome. I imagine they will do a new Rachet and throw us a new level cap and maps with new beserks and guns for DLC while we wait for R3.

I hope that is what they do... In a game like WoW, you want to hit max level so you can enjoy end game. I am still trying to figure out what the purpose of playing my lvl 30 medic would be besides fun. They give no reason to get top level besides the trophy. I hope they add some "end game" content or at least a new difficulty level that only level 30's can survive with all their boosts bought.

ToastyMcNibbles3683d ago

vehicles would definitely add more excitement to the multiplayer and im actually surprised there was no vehicle sequences in the single player considering the first one had be honest i didnt even notice until you mentioned it haha

damnwrx3683d ago

WarHawk onto R2........