The world's first Sackboy ever made is inside LittleBigPlanet

PS3-Sense writes "Here is a screenshot of the world's first Sackboy that has ever been made, inside LittleBigPlanet. This is the very first version of a Sackboy created by Media Molecule. You can can achieve this sackboy by completing a certain level without dying."

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Pennywise3657d ago


Kinda off topic: I love clicking google translated links and reading the forums posts. They usually end up making me laugh.

callahan093657d ago

Ok, really? I achieved this sackperson costume (I beat the game without dying to get the gold trophy called "Play"). Therefore I knew about this already when I saw it in the game.

This is like... the epitome of "not news."

joemayo763657d ago

sackboy sure has come along way...


toxic273657d ago

Can you guys believe this was LittleBigPlanet before Media Molecule got their hands on it?

So crazy.

Lionsguard3656d ago

That's Craftworld and it was created by Alex and Mark so technically it was created by Media Molecule.

chasuk083656d ago

" Can you guys believe this was LittleBigPlanet before Media Molecule got their hands on it? "

This was Mm's work, this was Media Molecules first LBP prototype

xhairs93656d ago

Well aren't you just special. You know, most people who make a big deal about stuff like you did are generally liars. And I hate liars.

Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

callahan093656d ago

You're calling me a liar? What do you purport that I am lying about, getting a trophy in a videogame? If you knew anything about this game, you would know that getting the Play trophy is impossible without also unlocking this Sackboy costume. Yeah, I got the trophy. Why would I lie about something so mundane? The point of my post is that this isn't news! This is something that is blatantly presented to you upon completing a specific task within the game, and some of us have known about it for weeks. If I thought it was news, I'd have submitted it myself when I unlocked it in the game back at the end of October. Nobody submitted a news article saying that you can "mirror" the levels in Resistance 2 after you unlock 3 silver trophies. If we were going to submit news about all "interesting" unlockables in all games, this place would be flooded within minutes, overloaded with crap that should be relegated to game-specific FAQs elsewhere on the web.

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Endorphin3657d ago

How do you get this again? I read the thing and it wasn't very clear. Or is it even possible to obtain this? Because that be kind of cool walking around LBP while being 2d.

PlayStation3603657d ago

You get to play as him by beating The Collector without dying. I got this dude a few days ago. It's kinda fun playing as him. While your running, he nearly disappears :P

Gambit073657d ago

Everything has to start somewhere right.

40cal3657d ago

Looks like this game came along way from concept to final product.

Sackboy for president 2012!

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