Naruto:The Broken Bond - New Gameplay Trailer

Ubisoft published a new gameplay trailer from Naruto: The Broken Bond featuring the epic battle between Orochimaru and the third Hokage Sarutobi. Enjoy.

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BrunoM3682d ago

humm all in all kool video im a huge naruto fan ... But i was hoping alot more i mean i did like the first one alot but the voice acting on these is bad and the game play is bad i mean after seeing and playing the naruto game on the ps3 even thop i think these is a good game i dont see me wanting these over the ps3 one ...

but ya kool to se videos the ps3 one is much bettaer

BrunoM3682d ago

and by bad voice acting i dont mean what they say thats true to the anime (even tho i dont watch the inglish one Japanese is 1000x better) but the way they move thei mouths here and the sounds is not right .. but ya look kool true to anime thats allways good ...