Gran Turismo 5 crash damage proving a troublesome issue

Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital and creator and producer of the Gran Turismo series, has apparently said that they are are still in talks with with some car makers, including Ferrari, to allow their cars to be subjected to crash damage in the game.

The head of 'Ferrari Challenge' developer 'System 3' said earlier this year that convincing Ferrari to put damage on the cars was a "big challenge".

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mboojigga3656d ago

Wouldn't hurt for them to go to talk to Turn 2.

The gaming GOD3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

The GT5 makers KNOW how to do it.

They are talking about actually being ALLOWED to do damage. They are referring to the fact that some makers still aren't allowing them to put damage on the cars. Such as Ferrari. This goes back to even the ps2 days when some makers said Polyphony makes GT too realistic and don't want their car interiors exposed by having car damage in the game

You have to read the links rather than just the headlines man

MaximusPrime3656d ago

mboojigga, you are one example of laziness

pwnsause3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

" Wouldn't hurt for them to go to talk to Turn 2. "

When will you idiots realize that Forza is comprised of Arcade Damage???

Yamauchi wants to put realistic damage in GT5. Read my words: REALISTIC. its obvious that Car Companies dont like REALISTIC car Damage in a game, that could hurt their reputation. want to see a Car damage in Real life in a Ferrari??? take this Youtube video. Thats the Damage Yamauchi wants in GT5, not some cheap car Damage.

This was one of the reason why we do not see Car Damage in the GT series. Not to mention one of the Reasons why car companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini we not in previous iterations of Gran Turismo (except in Japan.)

Aclay3656d ago

"Wouldn't hurt for them to go to talk to Turn 2. "

First of all, it's Turn 10, not "Turn 2".

And second of all, Gran Turismo is on a much higher level than Forza.

Danja3656d ago

This was stated awhile back as the reason GT series didn't have damage to begin with...

but would really love to see it in GT5....

Funky Town_TX3656d ago

any excuse is complete BS. Go ahead and defend them all you want. A sim without damage is an arcade racer. I know the Sony faithful will kill me but so what.

INehalemEXI3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

The Sony faithfull want damage too.... Like the article says and others have said before it.

The issue is the car company's like ferrari in particular are hesitant to give the authorization for there cars to be wrecked in a driving simulator probably for fears of someone playing it and saying hmmm these other cars are a whole lot safer lol.

RememberThe3573656d ago

So Burnout isn't an arcade racer because it has damage? OK...

SnprSlick3656d ago

You took his words out of context.

If you wanna call your game a simulator, you have to have damage. GT5 does not have damage. Therefore, it is not a simulator.

Burnout calls itself an arcade game.

RememberThe3573656d ago

For it to be a simulator all it needs to do is try to replicate the driving simulation. That is what it does. Damage would add to the simulation but it is not the pivotal piece, such as how road conditions affect handling. I'm not defending the lack of damage, I'm saying that the logic is faulty.

Tarasque3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

In the pic wonder if thats the one Eddie Griffitn wrecked.

Fan Tastic3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

And of course give us the crapola floaty physics as well. The damage in Forza 2 is horribly implemented and not even close to realistic.

C_SoL3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

You just made yourself look so stupid.

Read the damn article before you make assumptions.

Oner3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Those who think Forza's "crash damage" is realistic and qualifies it as a sim are bold faced lying and sorely mistaken. How is it you can crash into a wall at 150 mph or get into a head on collision and drive away with only your bumper missing? If that is the kind of crash damage that makes a "sim" I prefer it not being there at all. That's a band aid and not a fix.

The fact remains that the DRIVING physics (which is what you do...DRIVE) in GT5P is unmatched by Forza. Whether Ferrari allows a physical representation of crash damage or not does not mean GT5&P will not have crash damage all together.

Here are some examples of Forza's ever so accurate rendition of crash damage ~ /sarcasm /rollseyes /etc.

Skip to 1 minute and see a head on collision WITH NO DAMAGE

Whole video is just really bad

And my favorite the "coup de grace"

If running up to 6th gear at more than 175mph into a wall only dents your hood is considered "realistic crash damage" then we absolutely know who is biased and blind to the FACTS....

Lastly watch this video and tell me that it "pwnzorz GT5P"

No way, no how, not ever. That looks & plays absolutely horrid. Good luck with that dual layer DVD giving you the best available space for more features, better graphics and options...

plain rice3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

No sh*t Funky town. Nobody here is saying we don't need crash. We do want crash simulation. And when I say crash simulation I mean a realistic and dynamic one. Not no Forza 2 arcade style tacked on crash. You may call the GT series a SIM or not but it is the closest thing you can ever get realism in a driving video game.

BTW mboojigga, you're a joke man.

pain777pas3656d ago

Turn 2 still have a ways to go to become on the GT devs level. Look Forza is fun and the custom paint jobs are awsome nudies and all but seriously I got bored of the game it lacks style or soul or something. In other words it feels like a knock off. If GT devs include damage you'll see that they will do a superior job as always. YOU can't top the originators. Look at how hard SNK has tried in the 2d fighter scene and yet always come up short to the SF series. They are close but never get it right.

killedinaction93655d ago


Damage in not ON.If you knew anything about forza you would know there are different settings for damage.Its not just ON or OFF.If the settings were set to "realistic" then 1 small mistake and you're out of the race.

Well done for owning yourself.
Also thanks for posting some of the crappiest videos on YT.

I think we all know "who is biased and blind to the FACTS...."

Horny3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

^killedinaction9 is right!

Damage in those forza 2 videos was set to minor or cosmetic so it just shows scratches.
But I do admit forza doesnt have the best crash physics even when they are turned on.

SL1M DADDY3655d ago

There is a reason the GT series is a billion dollar franchise and Forza is not. People love cars and they love GT. If you like to hop up cars and put cool paint jobs on them you buy games like Need for Speed or Forza. In the end, the crowd that is solid GT fans don't care much for Forza and those that like Forza typically don't care for GT. It's a fanbased game and they are both built with the fans in mind.

fezthabest3655d ago

Dude Gran Turismo series is a DRIVING simulator, not a CRASHING simulator. And anyways forza's only damage is what scratches when going like ful out on 6th gear WOW. They want a more burnout style damage system, probably even more dynamic.

JasonXE3655d ago

lol people still think gt series is sim. Oh that made my day lmao.

prowiew3655d ago

I hated the Gran Turismo and Forzas series. I hate sims. But really, GT needs to implement, at least, some kind of damage. Something!. It just looks like an old game, racing to walls or whatever and the car is still shiny!. Bah. Im a hater. Hate sims. Stick to motorstorm. Just more fun

Oner3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

@ killedinaction9 ~ I have Forza 2, I played Forza 2 but just watch this video that will show my problems with it & with M$....

Oner3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

@ Lazy ~ I wouldn't know, I don't beleive in karma. I got my 360 for free because it had RROD, spent all of $3 to fix it and call it how I see it. The 360's known & proven hardware issues goes to show it's not worth the "supposed" value & ever so "great" console it is touted to be...

But I just fixed it, AGAIN with 4 additional pennies (as I had only done the 8 penny not the 12 penny mod), tightened up the replacement X-Clamp mod screws a bit more, and added one more LLamma mod (aluminum foil on half the GPU but cleaner) If it happens again I only have either a 12v fan mod or a talismoon fan replacement (and I am not spending another dime on such a POS hardware component F that!).

As for the crash damage being not on the vids above, sure fine but you honestly beleive even the cosmetic represents reality? Though additionally the fact/point remains even in "sim" mode you could still drive away from a 150 mph crash into a wall and it will only show MINOR damage to the bumper & hood. Or do I have to video record it to really shut some people up?

killedinaction93655d ago

1.24 yeh i have my problems with MS too,but I also have problems with Sony.
I've had 3 RROD's too LOL.

1.26 there's a reason why you can't drive real cars in Burnout.

and if you're wondering i'm a big fan of the GT series as well.Who else do you know that's finished the 24hour Nurburgring endurance race in GT4 without the cpu driver.

power of Green 3655d ago

*Ferrari Project* is superior to both games anyways.

Oner3655d ago

Mmm yeah sure....


is better than this

Good luck with that vast Dual Layer space ability. Oh and BTW can you back that claim up with ACTUAL gametime play? Nope. Didn't think so.

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P3656d ago

GT5 looks so realistic you'll literally sh*t yourself when you see a Ferrari crashing into a Wall

lokiroo4203656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Gran turismo rules racing.

Snukadaman_3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I think you actually sh1t yourself when you realize what a piece of ass the ps3 is....its called buyers remorse actually sh1t yourself.

It's funny an xbot talking about buyers remorse...dude you bought a 360 the most unreliable console ever created...nothing more to say"
Yet im not remorseful in buying my xbox elite....what a dummy.

Danja3656d ago

It's funny an xbot talking about buyers remorse...dude you bought a 360 the most unreliable console ever created...nothing more to say ..

Kleptic3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

haha...snuka called a PS3 'a piece of ass''re a freak man, stay away from me...

JBaby3433656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Snuka doesn't like bubbles apparently. BTW you're not worthy of that avatar. Stop having him associated with a RROD fanbot making a fool of himself.

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MaximusPrime3656d ago

i would like to see the realistic damage of a ferrari, just like the one in the picture.

Bob Dole3656d ago

Bob Dole wants slow motion crumpling of a 300 thousand dollar car at 200mph into a brick wall.

God damn that just sounds so sexy.

Liquid_Ocelot3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

bob dole is the sh*t

On-Topic: GT5 w/ Damage FTW!! I wanna crash all the cars :D

I hope they put some Bentley's, Maybach's & Roll Royce's in the game :D

poopsack3656d ago

man i wish companies would just be okay with it. I mean people arent buying your car to crash it into a wall. especially the expensive ones you can find in this game.

JBaby3433656d ago

I think lack of funds rather than "the cars are unsafe at high speeds" is the primary reason most people don't own these cars.

smurfie43656d ago

Once it is implemented, one of the few criticisms about this game will go away.

NipGrip3656d ago

The game is based around realism and sometimes, realism isn't "fun" in gaming. Imagine racing a 3-5 lap race online only to have some sore loser crash into you and it damages your wheel to the point you can no longer race. In real life, when a car hits something even at 30MPH, it can cause enough damage to render the car useless. To keep things as realistic as possible, adding car damage would be no fun for many, many gamers. It's not Burnout where your car magically reappears. Busting your tie rods from a side hit would be the end of the race for you. I imagine the game turning into crash 'em up derby and the last one to survive goes on to race the final 4 laps by himself.

Has noone thought of this yet, how realistic crashes would totally ruin the fun?

RememberThe3573656d ago

They have probably thought about that.

FantasyStar3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I want PD to do as much as they can to make GT5 as realistic as possibly can be. Gearheads like us totally dig the realism, but hate it when stubborn fools like the Ferrari makers won't come to terms.

Tarasque3656d ago

Crash em up derby would be fun unlike the actual game though.

Man_of_the_year3656d ago

Well Forza 1 & 2 both have damage and thats an awesome game. Ya there were a couple of d1cks online that would not care and try to hit you but the next round you just kick them or play with people you trust from your friends list and just race with them.

Having damage allows for greater gameplay and a more realistic experience.

sloth4urluv3656d ago

Forza has damage, but you can always turn it off so its only cosmetic.

DaTruth3656d ago

That's why I never liked this game after GT1. Once it became realistic I just had no interest in it anymore. It's like playing a shooter, you get hit once in the leg and can't walk anymore then you get shot whilst crawling around on the ground... Realism is no fun!

Bubbles for NipGrip!!!

Bob Dole3656d ago

Surely there will be an option to turn it off. Or change the damage mode from arcade to simulation just like the driving physics.

Liquid_Ocelot3655d ago

DaTruth - 9 hours ago
"""That's why I never liked this game after GT1. Once it became realistic I just had no interest in it anymore. It's like playing a shooter, you get hit once in the leg and can't walk anymore then you get shot whilst crawling around on the ground... Realism is no fun!

Bubbles for NipGrip!!!"""

@ DaTruth:

I guess you wont be playing Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising in 09 =)

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