Nintendo's Merry Christmas!

Where is the Big N this holiday season? Last year the Wii was completely dominant, satisfying hardcore and casual alike. This was achieved in combination with Nintendo releasing key titles such as Zelda, Metroid, and Mario...

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Imallvol73661d ago

I'm going to go with a NO on the dominating the hardcore crowd. Just saying.

d2dahoopa3661d ago

you can say the wii dominated because,, the hardcore gamers did and still do like the wii,, its not targeted at one type of gamer(casual/hardcore) that is why it has dominated no matter what happens you will have fun on it.

its not one of them items what you see in a household like a TV, Video/Bluray?! , and DVD player..

so really its dominated overall.

FinalomegaS3661d ago

true, I had mine since launch and I have an xbx360 and even though I like to play on my PC more, I find the wii experience just different and I can call my self a hardcore player ( 1/4 time sleeping, 1/4 time playing , 2/4 work days), But I am eagerly waiting on motion+ to see what devs can do, maybe a great 1:1 sword fighting game, or a FPS. Been playing COD4 on X360 and all I can say is the game is great and all but if I had a wiimote, I would be in heaven. Hard to go back and play with 2 analog controller for FPS when I have PC and wii. I do play it but deep down I like aiming with my hand and not thumb.