Kotaku: Mirror's Edge Review: Leaps of Faith End in Splat

Mirror's Edge will divide gamers bitterly over whether it's the dog's bollocks because it's challenging and fresh or it's lousy because it's repetitive to the point of being bland. Both factions will find plenty of ammo for their arguments in the first three chapters of story mode alone: the parkour really is like nothing you've ever done before in a video game, and the puzzle-solving/melee fighting is nothing you haven't seen a billion times in other video games.

The bottom line is that DICE reached for the stars with their game design, and then chickened out before they got to their goal. There are moments when Mirror's Edge feels like it has all the momentum of a powerful game that truly is different and special, but these moments usually happen right before you're forced to melee a few dozen guys armed with sniper rifles. At this exact moment, the game stops feeling new and fun and starts feeling old and tired – and maybe adds a few more points to your blood pressure.

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That was kind of a harsh review.