inFamous will be "about quality", not length, says creative director

Sucker Punch creative director Nate Fox has said developers should focus on quality, not quantity - suggesting inFamous is being produced with the former firmly in mind.

"Look at God of War - it is an excellent game, an instant classic, and it's only like seven hours long," he said in our Live Text interview. "GTA IV is 30 hours long, and people wanted more? That just tells you how excellent that game is.

"It seems to me that it's not about length, but about quality," Fox continued. "And because I love both of those games, I hope that developers never try to shoot for a long game, but instead for the most fun they can pack onto the disc - at any length. That's what we're doing for inFamous."

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omimasum3658d ago

i have high hopes for this game

Liquid Dust3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

and hes right, trophies are videogaming crack. Everyone I know online be lovin their trophies

The Matrix3658d ago

inFamous going to be awesome.

joydestroy3658d ago

yup, same thing with Dead Space. not a long campaign, but a really great experience keeps me playing it. even though i've beat it and am on my second play through, i was up until 2:30am playing it and had to be up for work at 7:40am. hell, i was actually late to work today all because i played that game. so it's certainly about quality for me than length.

marinelife93658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I try to get my wife to understand the same thing.

She thinks we need to spend every waking moment together. How can I miss her if she won't go away.

Gandhi693658d ago

I disagree. Sometimes, I wish games are longer. Games like Call of Duty 4, and R2, my roommates and I usually purchase and finish in one all night session. I remember Doom 2 had like 30 or more levels.. and the feeling of accomplishment you had when you finished it was much greater, I believe, only because it was longer(and its difficulty... I started R2 on the Hard and finished without much trouble.. not the case with doom 2!). Doom2 even had somewhat repetitive gameplay, but it was repetitvely awesome! If

Nineball21123658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

@ marinelife9

I really thought you were going to go with a different angle on what the wife thought about quality over length. =D


I have always had an issue with short games myself. I still haven't picked up Heavenly Sword because of that issue. I'm kinda waiting until it becomes a Platinum Hit and I can get it for cheap.

LOL! I tried to type the words bit and cheaper together and the site wouldn't allow it because of bit and ch being too close together. Hmmm, I wasn't even trying to type that.

The Matrix3658d ago

Since this game has been in development for probably 3-4 years hopefully it will be rpg/GTA like.

I don't mind short action packed games but when they're 5 hours long (Chains of Olympus I'm looking at you) that's just criminal.

And the first god of war is about a 10 hour game.

Halo3Mgs43658d ago

yea dead space is a good example good game it's short but fun as hell
played the game 4 times :3 times normal and 1 time impossible, i got that platinum on ds

Danja3658d ago

Well so far from what i've seen of the game it will be good and besides sucker punch makes great games...

question though....will there be MP in this game ?

NO_PUDding3658d ago

I am certain there is multiplayer in some form.

Most Sony games have it now, Uncharted was last of it's kind without online intergration.

And MORE to the point the things he won't speak about in the full interview, he isn't speaking about for a reason... In the same way there are Beta NDA's, it's becuase the game has a concept or two it doesn't want stolen. I expect the MP fits under that category.

And I also think ti sounds like Cole will be customisable :D. This is like Fable, 2 but an action adventure game!

hazeblaze3658d ago

I'm lookin forward to it too, and will probably buy it regardless... but I hope they do make sure the game is at least 10 hrs long.

Doppy3658d ago

I'm sure the game will be at least 10 to 12 hours long. I think there only saying this because most people expect open world games to be 20 to 40 hours long.

Mhassan3658d ago

Same here man. I had to go to my class at 9:00 AM and i went to bed at 4:00 because i was playing that game so much. Perhaps one of the best game in years that came out of EA (IMO) but no doubt it really is a very well made survival horror game. Though i am on ch 11

BWS19823658d ago

because I go for collectibles, maybe replay them, try some co-op, explore a little....I like to push the barriers and find the envelopes, so to say. Like in Restistance 1, trying to get all the skill points, played it a second time through with the girlfriend, then played it on hard, tried to find all the intel. There's no way I get less than 30 hours out of that thing when splitscreen deathmatch added in, so length isn't usually an issue for my game purchases. In games like Perfect Dark (#1) or Timesplitters, if you say you "beat the game" in less than 20 hours, then you didn't truly master all it had to offer, as far as challenges, etc... there's more to games than a campaign that you rush through in 6 hours, but people get bored easily or something, I dunno.

n4gzz3658d ago

I like short and quality game. 7 hrs game is good for me. I play good game over and over. I don't want to make time to play game but I want to play game when I have time. Some long good games gets boring to me 'coz I can't finish it for month and I loose the immersion in the game.

In fact, I don't even mind 5 hrs game as long as it gives good experience to me. I like to finish game on 1 or may be 2 sitting and play same game again after sometime with different strategy.

prowiew3658d ago

Hes right. I prefer a short but good game. The problem is that people expect an open world game to be more than 15 hours

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Arsenal4Ever3658d ago

People shouldn't have dissed HS because of this back in 2007.

Pennywise3658d ago

HS was a great game. It was a bit short, but the cinematic feel to the game should of made up for it. I only sit down and finish great games from start to finish without opening other games... HS was one of those.

3658d ago
CadDad3658d ago

My only knock on HS was the live action button presses.

Seriously, don't make me re-play a level only to lose due to not hitting the proper sequence of buttons in the allocated time.

That's just frustrating.


cmrbe3658d ago

i am buying on launch.

Snukadaman_3658d ago

Looks like another "winner" for the ps3...On topic...looks like they are setting it up to be a short game.......Enjoy this ps3 fans.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)

(It's Amazing now with all the cool games out now!!!) ;)

Bitter Tears3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

So let me exemplify the situation with a simile:

So inFamous is like a free sample of ice cream, it's sweet and good, but it's painfully short?




cmrbe3658d ago

really don't know how to count.

JBaby3433658d ago

Snuka don't get upset because we have more than ONE good game to play. The sales will still be there. BTW you can make it 44 as I'm getting it first day as well. :P

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Daz3658d ago

games will always get dissed for there lenght, which is a shame.

Panthers3658d ago

I have the same feeling about this game that I did about Uncharted before that game came out.

Everyone was doubting it and it turned out great. So will InFamous.