Eurogamer: Live inFamous interview Live Q&A

Eurogamer writes: "Sucker Punch creative director Nate Fox will be answering your questions about inFamous live on Eurogamer from 6pm GMT.

Simply pop your curiosities into the little box and they will be sent through to a moderator, who will sort through the questions and put them to the fantastic Mr Fox.

The answers will appear magically on this page, so there will be no need to press the F5 button.

We will not be able to ask all of the questions submitted, so apologies in advance for this. But do keep us entertained with your quirky quips.

InFamous is a PS3-exclusive superhero tale of morality that has been turning heads for a while, largely thanks to some splendid-looking openworld lightning-flinging action. A bit like Crackdown in a cape.

There's a moral undertone to the game, too, as the post-apocalyptic city has fallen into lawlessness and you have to choose how best to use your powers: selflessly or selfishly? Or selflessishly?

Naturally, part of the excitement comes from Sucker Punch's pedigree as the creator of the Sly Raccoon games, which many people thought were marvellous."

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Gue13685d ago

inFamous... i had forgotten about this game because it looks so generic and boring... where can i find some gameplay videos about this game?

anyway let me look at gametrailers...

Radiodread3685d ago

This and K2 are MY top most anticipated games for ps3.