New Xbox Experience (NXE) Found At Best Buy

This story came to Platform Nation as a tip from Matt Dailey, GT Tungsten Plug.

It seems that at least one Best Buy is previewing the NXE in their stores as evident in the pictures below.

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DarkSniper3682d ago

Dark Sniper would bet 10 PLAYSTATION®3 units that Xbox console will not survive the Red Rings of Death. Poor marketing on Microsoft's behalf indeed.


Pennywise3682d ago

I see vents in the casing, but it sure does look like a xbox coffin, doesnt it?

TheBrit3682d ago

Best Buy have all of their consoles in side of protective cases so its not just a 360 coffin its a ps3 coffin and a wii coffin.

Pennywise3682d ago

The Brit, how many pictures of Wii's and PS3's have you seen in a box like that overheated? I havent seen any. I have seen plenty of display pics of 360's overheated in similar cases.

Greysturm3682d ago

i know this sounds like flamebait but i still have to see what is the big deal about NXE. The advertisement is kind of rediculous for an interface update.

TheROsingleB3682d ago

"The Big Deal" really is just that this is the first time in basically console-gaming history that there will be a major system interface re-vap being done, that is just not a "patched this, patched that" firmware update. New Look & New features is the attraction.

cherrypie3682d ago

Well, it is flamebait.

So, take it to the openzone.

NXE is more than just a "UI update" -- there are many new features, and many people (including myself) are excited for them. Avatars, new party system, Netflix being just a few...

Vespertine3682d ago

+ Bubble for you TheROsingleB.
Excellent post

You handled that well. :)

MURKERR3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

i see what your saying,personally i like the NXE but i wouldnt say its the 1st interface revamp in console history,pstore had a much needed total interface revamp before this with new look,features and was much quicker to use

Greysturm3682d ago

I didnt mean to offend you guys. I only stated even if it is the "first revamp of a console interface in history" i still dont see the big deal about it. Who knows maybee when it comes out ill eat my words but till know i cant find the excitement in it. (before you try to pin me as a ps3 fanboy i can say the same thing about home)

krouse933682d ago

Teah i know PS3 has updates all the time adn it is completly different than how it was with its first firmware version so i dont know why microsoft people are so happy PS3 updates way more and has better features. It's also funny cause people dont want the Mii coppies but Microsoft is doing it anyways lol. Oh M$

TheROsingleB3682d ago

Not being "defensive" just stating why people are making this a big deal, relax a bit, eh? No one's flaming your comment :P

MURKERR - The PStore update was like when the 360 added that 5th(Red) blade for the marketplace, if I remember correctly it wasn't always there but they added it in an update a while ago and basically made the marketplace more accessable.
The NXE update is a total UI overhaul, basically if Sony did away with the cross-bar UI they have currently and did something else instead to improve the way the PS3 works and functions overall. (not saying the cross-bar is bad, because its just fine, but if it WAS)

Crazywhitie3682d ago

the only way you'll know is if you own an Xbox, Live is Way Beyond PSN and this will only open that gap wider... If you think Home will be great you'd be Wrong. I'll Bet that 85% of PSN user wouldn't use Home after it comes out..(yes i have home beta).. With the NXE you can have an 8 player party all in different Games Chatting in Private chat.. on PSN you still Can't do Player to Player chat without going into a room... The NXE gives you optional Hard Drive install.. I have this on one of my Xbox's now(The One we don't Speak of) and WOW the games run so much Smoother faster,, it's great.... I don't need a Avatar but hey they're throwing it in so what the hey.... Let's just see the console breaks after update thats the Big thing....

FrankDaTank3682d ago

I find lots of things at Best Buy. Mainly rude associates who don't care to assist you. Unfortunately the one thing I don't find at Best Buy is the thing I love most. Beer.

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JOLLY13682d ago

Did you go to any of the Seattle area Gears launch parties?

Steve5193682d ago

no I didn't. I had work very early the next morning. Plus I already had GOW2

P3682d ago

That Xbox will RROD faster than you can say "Too Human was a flop"

3682d ago
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