TVG: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Q&A Feature

TVG writes: "As Guerrilla warfare descends on the rocky terrains of Mars in order to weaken the dictatorial grasp of the EDF, we sit down with Volition Producers Sean Kennedy and Jeff Carroll to discuss some of the story elements, factions, and game environments that the developer's third Red Faction game will depict.

TVG: We've seen the EDF (Earth Defence Force) and Marauders as enemy factions in the game but will there be any more further along in the story?

Sean Kennedy: It's the EDF and the Guerrillas, and the other group is the Marauders. The Marauders are not your friend and they're not your foe. They'll attack the EDF, they'll attack civilians, and they'll attack Guerrillas but there's a part of the game where they end up having to work with you.

Jeff Carroll: Within the EDF there are layers of escalation; different soldiers that come at you. There are the ones you've seen in this mission; there's ones that come later with riot shields that are active and if you fire an RPG at them when their shields are active then you can't take them out. You have to come behind or wait for them to drop their shields. There are also larger, heavily armoured EDF that come right at the end.

SK: And also with the Marauders - there are different levels of Marauders."

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