PSP/DS Homebrew - Powder Release 108: Safe Walk ability added

Here's the full changelog for Powder Release 108:

* The mouse will work again for the onscreen keyboard in SDL builds. (Ilya, Teun Peelen)
* Description when wearing necro dress code spells servant right. (David Damerell, Andreas Bohm)
* Vacuum correctly spelled in death message. (David Damerell)
* "Click on your self to search" rather than Clicking. (Narius Varigor)
* Starting as cultist will immediately tell you ><0|V|'s whim. (hotpoo)
* Loading a save game worshiping ><0|V| will likewise report the whim.
* Zapping a hostile wand of create monster will have a chance of the creature turning on you. (hotpoo)
* New boon from gods: hostile creatures surrounding you can be smitten. (Indirectly Ambvai)
* Earth hammers can be forged into artifact earth hammers with the proper setup. (David Damerell)
* Level up hitpoints and magic points are now 2d2+1 rather than 1d4+1, giving a tighter distribution and slight boost to the average. (Teun Peelen)
* Earth hammers have an encyclopedia entry. (David Damerell)
* When you can move in diagonals you can use the diagonals of the numberpad. (Andreas Bohm)
* There is now a SafeWalk mode which stops you from attacking when walking about. You can toggle this by pressing Ctrl when using the arrow keys or binding the Safe Walk command to a button in GBA mode. (Andreas Bohm)

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