The Short Shelf Life of EGP Apparel

Jared Newman at the Escapist writes:

"I heard the news on a Saturday morning in March, scanning the gaming blogs. Target was selling T-shirts bundled with experimental games. Excitement took over - I had to get one. I practically skipped to the elevator.

I was still high on the news when I parked the car on 225th Street in the Bronx, but suddenly it felt too good to be true. The blogs didn't post any details on how to get the shirts, and I had no luck on Target's website. On the escalator ride down, I descended into despair.

I found a T-shirt with Mario wielding a Donkey Kong hammer with the pun "Let's Get Hammered!" Was I getting close? Canvassing every aisle of Men's Wear, combing the games section alongside kids duping their parents into buying those plastic Wii Sports attachments, I found nothing. The store clerks looked at me quizzically. I went home dejected."

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